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Abnormal Quiet Days & the Effect of Geomagnetic Activity on the Diurnal Variation of Equatorial Geomagnetic FieldSastri, J HanumathIJRSP Vol.12(2) [April 1983]53-55
Day-to-day Variability of Midlatitude F Region in winterSastri, J HanumathIJRSP Vol.06(2) [June 1977]156-158
Diurnal Behaviour of Midlatitude F-region Parameters in SummerSastri, J HanumathIJRSP Vol.07(2) [April 1978]65-69
Equatorial anomaly in F-region—A ReviewSastri, J HanumathIJRSP Vol.19(4) [August 1990]225-240
Equatorial geomagnetic and ionospheric effects of substormsSastri, J HanumathIJRSP Vol.31(6) [December 2002]309-320
Forenoon Bite-out in foF2 at Low LatitudesSastri, J Hanumath; Ramesh, K BIJRSP Vol.11(2) [April 1982]81-82
Ionospheric Storm of 4-6 December 1958 in the Indian Equatorial RegionSastri, J HanumathIJRSP Vol.09(6) [December 1980]209-113
Nature of Crochet Associated Solar Microwave BurstsSastri, J HanumathIJRSP Vol.06(3) [September 1977]184-185
Nature of Geomagnetic Field Variation on AQDs at Equatorial LatitudesSastri, J HanumathIJRSP Vol.10(1) [February 1981]35-38
On the Growth & Decay of Blanketing Sporadic-E LayersSastri, J HanumathIJRSP Vol.09(1) [February 1980]28-30
Phase Variability of Sq(H)& the Ionospheric Equatorial AnomalySastri, J HanumathIJRSP Vol.11(2) [April 1982]83-85
Post-midnight Occurrence of Equatorial Spread-FSastri, J HanumathIJRSP Vol.10(3) [June 1981]113-114
Post-Sunset Behaviour of the Equatorial Anomaly in the Indian SectorSastri, J HanumathIJRSP Vol.11(1) [February 1982]33-37
Seasonal & Sunspot-cycle Effects in the Occurrence of Equatorial Spread-F ConfigurationsSastri, J Hanumath; Sastdharan, K; Subrahmanya, V; Rao, M M SriramaIJRSP Vol.08(3) [June 1979]135-138