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Analyses on Solar Microwave Bursts & Associated Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances in Relation to the Phases of the H«-flaresGupta, M. K. Das; Sarkar, S. K.; Chattopadhyay, T.IJRSP Vol.04(4) [December 1975]277-281
Analysis of Solar Optical Flares in Relation to Their Peak IntensitiesGupta, M. K. Das; Mitra, R. K.; Sarkar, S. K.IJRSP Vol.02(2) [June 1973]158-160
Changes in mesozooplankton community structure during Trichodesmium erythraeum bloom in the coastal waters of southwestern Bay of BengalSahu, Gouri; Mohanty, A. K.; Achary, M. Smita; Sarkar, S. K.; Satpathy, K. K.IJMS Vol.44(09) [September 2015]1282-1293
Geochemical distribution of forms of phosphorus in marine sediment of Bay of Bengal, southeast coast of IndiaMohanty, A.K.; Bramha, S.N.; Satpathy, K.K.; Padhi, R.K.; Panigrahi, S.N.; Samantara, M.K.; Kumar, S. Barath; Sarkar, S. K.; Prasad, M.V.R.IJMS Vol.47(06) [June 2018]1132-1141
Mercury exposure Aasessment in fish and humans from Sundarban Mangrove Wetland of IndiaChatterjee, M.; Basu, N.; Sarkar, S. K.IJMS Vol.43(6) [June 2014]1101-1107
Solar X-ray Bursts in Relation to the Microwave Bursts & SIDsMitra, R. K.; Sarkar, S. K.; Gupta, M. K. DasIJRSP Vol.04(1) [March 1975]24-28
Some Studies on Solar Optical Flares Reported under New ClassificationMitra, R. K.; Sarkar, S. K.; Gupta, M. K. DasIJRSP Vol.01(2) [June 1972]170-174
Some Studies on Solar X-ray Flare-associated Optical Flares, Microwave Bursts & Sudden Ionospheric DisturbancesGupta, M. K. Das; Sarkar, S. K.IJRSP Vol.01(4) [December 1972]256-260
Some Studies on the Nature of Solar X-Ray FlaresGupta, M. K. Das; Mitra, R. K.; Sarkar, S. K.IJRSP Vol.03(2) [June 1974]137-139
Studies on Some Aspects of Enhanced Solar Microwave RadiationGupta, M. K. Das; Sarkar, S. K.IJRSP Vol.02(3) [September 1973]196-198