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Acetic anhydride induced rearrangement and Grignard addition on C-phenyl-N-(1-methyl-2-aryl)ethyl nitronesAmutha, Chinnadurai; Saravanan, Sivaperuman; Muthusubramanian, ShanmugamIJC-B Vol.52B(05) [May 2013]646-653
Chemoselective hydrazine addition to diethyl 2-(2,3-dioxo-1,3-diarylpropyl)malonates and a tandem deesterificationSaravanan, Sivaperuman; Purushothaman, Santhanagopalan; Muthusubramanian, ShanmugamIJC-B Vol.49B(11) [November 2010]1526-1530
An efficient solventless synthesis of ⍺-aryl-N-[1-methyl-2- (2/4-chlorophenyl)] ethyl nitrones and their antimicrobial activityAmutha, Chinnadurai; Saravanan, Sivaperuman; Dhandapani, Perundurai Subramaniam; Muthusubramanian, Shanmugam; Sivasubramanian, ShanmugaperumalIJCB Vol.47B(2) [February 2008]276-282
Mass spectral analysis and X-ray structure of diethyl 2-[aryl(4-aryl-1,2,3-selenadiazol-5-yl)methyl]malonateSaravanan, Sivaperuman; Muthusubramanian, Shanmugam; Polborn, KurtIJC-B Vol.45B(03) [March 2006]758-761
1H and 13C NMR studies of some 1,1-bis(carbethoxy)-2-aryl-4-phenyl/(4-chlorophenyl)-4-oxobutane and their derivatives Saravanan, Sivaperuman; Muthusubramanian, ShanmugamIJC-B Vol.49B(07) [July 2010]917-922
Synthesis and antioxidant characteristic of novel thiazolidinone derivativesAmutha, Chinnadurai; Saravanan, Sivaperuman; Muthusubramanian, ShanmugamIJC-B Vol.53B(04) [April 2014]377-383
Synthesis and characterization of 5-(cyclohexylsulfanyl)- 4-aryl-1,2,3-selena/ thiadiazolesSaravanan, Sivaperuman; Namitharan, Kayambu; Muthusubramanian, ShanmugamIJCB Vol.47B(2) [February 2008]305-309