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Application of natural dyes on textilesSamanta, Ashis Kumar; Agarwal, PritiIJFTR Vol.34(4) [December 2009]384-399
Dyeing of jute and cotton fabrics using Jackfruit wood extract: Part I — Effects of mordanting and dyeing process variables on colour yield and colour fastness propertiesSamanta, Ashis Kumar; Agarwal, PritiIJFTR Vol.32(4) [December 2007]466-476
Dyeing of jute fabric with tesu extract: Part 1 — Effects of different mordants and dyeing process variablesSamanta, Ashis Kumar; Konar, Adwaita; Chakraborti, Sarmistha; Datta, SiddharthaIJFTR Vol.36(1) [March 2011]63-73
Dyeing of jute fabric with tesu extract: Part II – Thermodynamic parameters and kinetics of dyeingSamanta, Ashis Kumar; Konar, Adwaita; Datta, SiddharthaIJFTR Vol.37(2) [June 2012]172-177
Dyeing of jute with binary mixtures of jackfruit wood and other natural dyes — Study on colour performance and dye compatibilitySamanta, Ashis Kumar; Agarwal, Priti; Datta, SiddharthaIJFTR Vol.33(2) [June 2008]171-180
Optimization of antimicrobial finishing on cotton muslin fabric by treatment with PEG, chitosan and cetrimideMukhopadhyay, Asis; Samanta, Ashis Kumar; Kar, Tapas RanjanIJFTR Vol.43(4) [December 2018]441-449
Physico-chemical studies on dyeing of jute and cotton fabrics using jackfruit wood extract: Part II — Dyeing kinetics and thermodynamic studiesSamanta, Ashis Kumar; Agarwal, Priti; Datta, SiddharthaIJFTR Vol.31(1) [March 2008]66-72
Studies on compatibility of selective direct dyes for dyeing of jute fabricSamanta, Ashis Kumar; Bhaumik, Nilendu Sekhar; Konar, Adwaita; Roy, Alok NathIJFTR Vol.44(1) [March 2019]98-106
Thermal behaviour and structural features of chemically and bio-chemically modified jute substrateSamanta, Ashis Kumar; Singhee, Deepali; Basu, Gautam; Biswas, Santosh KumarIJFTR Vol.32(2) [Sept 2007]355-365