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Catalytic redox reaction of nitric oxide and carbon monoxide on perovskitesSalker, A V; Chakrabarty, D K; Keer, H VIJC-A Vol.28A(06) [June 1989]458-462
Catalytic reduction of NOx by ammonia over nickel and lanthanum supported on zeoliteSalker, A V; Weisweiler, WIJC-A Vol.43A(06) [June 2004]1167-1171
Electrical, magnetic and catalytic oxidation studies on LaMn1-XCOXO3 systemSalker, A V; Vaz, TeotoneIJC-A Vol.43A(04) [April 2004]710-714
Mechanistic approach to NO-CO reaction over some rare earth perovskitesSalker, A VIJC-A Vol.40A(08) [August 2001]863-864
Selective catalytic reduction of nitric oxide with ammonia in presence of oxygen over Mn-ZSM5Salker, A VIJC-A Vol.40A(03) [March 2001]303-306
Solar assisted photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange over synthesized copper, silver and tin metalloporphyrinsGokakakar, S D; Salker, A VIJCT Vol.16(6) [November 2009]492-498
Electrical, magnetic and catalytic carbon monoxide oxidation studies on Zn1-xCuxMn2O4 systemGurav, S M; Salker, A VIJCT Vol.05(5) [September 1998]286-292
Synthesis, characterization and catalytic CO oxidation studies over Ni1-xCuxMn2O4Gurav, S M; Salker, A VIJC-A Vol.38A(02) [February 1999]130-135
Photocatalytic studies over Ce1-xFexO2 for the degradation of azo dyeBorker, Pritam; Salker, A VIJC-A Vol.45A(10) [October 2006]2199-2202
Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic studies of some metal phthalocyaninesBorker, Pritam; Salker, A VIJCT Vol.13(4) [July 2006]341-346
Zeolite supported iron catalyst for nitric oxide reduction by ammonia in the presence of oxygenSalker, A VIJCT Vol.11(5) [September 2004]683-687