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Commercially adoptable process for manufacturing Natural dyes for cottonBhuyan, R; Saikia, C N; Das, K KNPR Vol.3(1) [January-February 2004]6-11
Effect of amino resin treatment on dimensional stability and strength property of woodDeka, Manabendra; Saikia, C NIJCT Vol.06(2) [March 1999]75-78
Evaluation of Properties of Fibres Extracted from Certain Weeds for Use in Paper and Cordage IndustriesGoswami, T; Saikia, C NJSIR Vol.62(08) [August 2003]802-808
Extraction and identification of colour components from the barks of Mimusops elengi and Terminalia arjuna and evaluation of their dyeing characteristics on woolBhuyan, R; Saikia, C N; Das, K KIJFTR Vol.29(4) [December 2004]470-476
Extraction of natural colourants from roots of Morinda angustifolia Roxb.—Their identification and studies of dyeing characteristics on woolBhuyan, R; Saikia, C NIJCT Vol.10(2) [March 2003]131-136
Grafting vinyl monomers onto silk fibres : Graft copolymerization of methylmethacrylate (MMA) onto- Antheraea assama silk fibreDas, A M; Saikia, C NIJCT Vol.09(1) [January 2002]41-46
Calotropis procera and Nerium indicum—Two potential plant sources of energy and hydrocarbonKalita, D; Saikia, C NIJCT Vol.08(1) [January 2001]20-24
Isolation of colour component from the roots of Morinda angustifolia Roxb. and evaluation of its dyeing characteristicsBhuyan, R; Saikia, D C; Saikia, C NIJFTR Vol.27(4) [December 2002]429-433
Mark-Houwink-Sakurada constants for cellulose-paraformaldehyde/dimethyl sulphoxide systemTosh, B N; Saikia, C NIJCT Vol.04(5) [September 1997]247-250
Medium Density Particle Board From WeedsKalita, D; Ghosh, S R; Saikia, C NJSIR Vol.58(09) [September 1999]705-710
Preparation of different molecular weight fractions of cellulose and characterisation of homogeneously acetylated fractionsSaikia, C N; Tosh, B N; Goswami, T; Ghosh, A CIJCT Vol.03(6) [November 1996]333-337
Property modification of Antheraea assama silk fibre through graft copolymerizationDas, AM; Saikia, C N; Hussain, SIJFTR Vol.27(2) [June 2002]194-198
Silk fibre modification through graft copolymerization using vinyl monomerDas, A M; Chowdhury, P K; Saikia, C N; Rao, P GIJFTR Vol.35(2) [June 2010]107-114
Microstructural study of fibres extracted from wild banana plant (Musa velutina) by X-ray line broadening analysisBoruah, R K; Goswami, T; Bhattacharyya, G C; Saikia, C NIJFTR Vol.23(2) [June 1998]76-80
Homogeneous esterification of high α-cellulose extracted from Leucaena leucocephala and Hibiscus cannabinusSaikia, C N; Baruah, J N; Dass, N NIJFTR Vol.16(3) [September 1991]213-217
Treatment of wood with thermosetting resins: Effect on dimensional stability, strength and termite resistanceDeka, Manabendra; Saikia, C N; Baruah, K KIJCT Vol.07(6) [November 2000]312-317