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Behaviour of methane emission from a paddy field of high carbon contentPurkait, N N; Saha, A K; De, Sanghamitra; Chakrabarty, D KIJRSP Vol.36(1) [February 2007]52-58
Determination of thermo-physical properties of freeze-dried foodstuffsChakraborty, R; Saha, A K; Bhattacharya, PIJCT Vol.13(6) [November 2006]597-604
Differential Absorption Measurements of Atmospheric Minor Constituents with a Laser - Water VapourJain, S L; Arya, B C; Nakra, D R; Saha, A KIJRSP Vol.15(1) [February 1986]29-31
High power broadcast transmitters, ionospheric heating and spread-FSaha, A K; Venkatachari, RIJRSP Vol.22(6) [December 1993]388-390
Importance of Nitric Oxide in the AtmosphereSaha, A KIJRSP Vol.16(1) [February 1987]36-38
Influence of γ-irradiation on jute yarnSaha, A K; Rath, P; Bhatta, DIJFTR Vol.25(4) [December 2000]271-276
Infrasonic Observations at AntarcticaVenkatachari, R; Gupta, A Sen; Saha, A K; Srivastava, B JIJRSP Vol.13(4) [August 1984]109-111
Interesting Features in Infrasonic Observation: Fifth Indian Antarctic Expedition (1985-86)Venkatachari, R; Saha, A K; Nakra, D R; Srivastava, B JIJRSP Vol.16(4) [August 1987]321-323
Laser probing of trace gases in the atmosphereSaha, A KIJRSP Vol.20(5) [October 1991]381-382
Measurement of ELF emission in the upper atmosphere over Kolkata due to Schumann resonances*De, S S; Saha, A K; De, MIJRSP Vol.33(1) [February 2004]32-34
Model Electron Density Distributions for Ionosphere over DelhiSaha, A K; Gupta, (Mrs.) Kamlesh; Mitra, A PIJRSP Vol.07(4) [August 1978]171-178
Observation of Atmospheric Waves Generated by Cyclone CentresVenkatachari, R; Subrahmanyam, C V; Saha, A KIJRSP Vol.11(3) [June 1982]116-119
Oxygen, Ozone, Aerosols & Ultraviolet Extinction in Geological TimesPaul, Rashmi; Saha, A K; Banerjee, TIJRSP Vol.16(5) [October 1987]331-334
Professor S K Mitra and Ionosphere Research in IndiaSaha, A KIJRSP Vol.15(5&6) [October & December 1986]182-191
Vertical Distribution of Water Vapour over Hyderabad Characteristic Infrasonic Waves Associated with Depressions & Cyclones in the Bay of BengalVenkatachari, R; Saha, A K; Srivastava, B JIJRSP Vol.17(2) [April 1988]69-72