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Charge Transfer Interaction of Micelle & Reversed Micelle of Triton X-100 with Different Electron AcceptorsBhowmik, Benoy B; Bhatiacharya, Subhash C; Rohatgi-Mukherjee, K KIJC-A Vol.25A(02) [February 1986]123-126
Charge Transfer Interaction of Micelle & Reversed Micelle of Triton X-100 with IodineRohatgi-Mukherjee, K K; Bhattacharya, Subhash C; Bhowmik, Benoy BIJC-A Vol.22A(11) [November 1983]911-913
Cyclic Voltammetric Study of Reduction of Phenosafranine by EDTABasu, J; Kundu, K K; Rohatgi-Mukherjee, K KIJC-A Vol.23A(08) [August 1984]630-632
Dye-Surfactant Interaction & Photo galvanic EffectBhowmik, Benoy B; Chaudhuri, Rupali; Rohatgi-Mukherjee, K KIJC-A Vol.26A(02) [February 1987]95-98
Electrode Kinetics of Phenosafranine-EDT A System Using Illuminated Semiconductor ElectrodeRohatgi-Mukherjee, K K; Roy, Sharmila; Bhowmik, Benoy BIJC-A Vol.24A(01) [January 1985]5-7
Electrode Kinetics of Photoinduced Redox Reactions: Phenosafranin – EDTA Aqueous SystemBhowmik, Benoy B; Roy, Sharmila; Rohatgi-Mukherjee, K KIJC-A Vol.26A(03) [March 1987]183-186
Flash Photolysis Study of Phenosafranine-EDTA SystemRohatgi-Mukherjee, K K; Bagchi, ManashiIJC-A Vol.23A(08) [August 1984]623-629
Fluorescence quenching and flash photolysis studies of photo-induced electron transfer across Zn-tetraphenyl porphyrin-encapsulated liposomes: Evidences for reductive quenching by EDTAKarmakar, Anjan; Chaudhuri, Rupali; Bera, Subhash C; Rohatgi-Mukherjee, K KIJC-A Vol.34A(02) [February 1995]83-93
Luminescence of Cesium(I) TetraphenylporphyrinBasu, Sekhar; Basu, Jyotsna; Rohatgi-Mukherjee, K K; Arbeloa, I LopezIJC-A Vol.26A(02) [February 1987]91-94
On the Mechanism of Reaction at Illuminated Electrode in Phenosafranin-EDTA Photoelectrochemical CellRohatgi-Mukherjee, K K; Bagchi, Manashi; Bhowmik, Benoy BIJC-A Vol.24A(12) [December 1985]1002-1007
pH-Dependence of Photovoltage at a Vanadyl Tetraphenylporphin Coated Platinum ElectrodeBasu, Jyotsna; Bhattacharya, Abhijit; Das, Kaushik; Chatterjee, A B; Kundu, K K; Rohatgi-Mukherjee, K KIJC-A Vol.22A(08) [August 1983]695-696
Photoelectrochemical Cell with Phenosafranin Coated ElectrodeBhowmik, Benoy B; Roy, Sharmila; Rohatgi-Mukherjee, K KIJC-A Vol.25A(08) [August 1986]714-718
Some aspects of photophysics of dyes and self-aggregation phenomenon in solutionRohatgi-Mukherjee, K KIJC-A Vol.31A(08) [August 1992]500-511
Substituent Perturbation on Masked 1Lb-1A1 Transition of Anthracene Monosulphonates: Detection by Photoselection in Glycerol Glass at 77KBasu, Sekhar; Rohatgi-Mukherjee, K KIJC-A Vol.22A(03) [March 1983]186-191
Triplet state interaction of phenosafranine with inorganic cationsBhattacharya, Subhash Ch.; Rohatgi-Mukherjee, K KIJC-A Vol.30A(07) [July 1991]569-574