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A facile one step synthesis of some 3-trifluoromethyl-7H-6(6/8, 6,8-disubstituted- 3-coumarino)-s-triazolo[3,4-b] [1,3,4]thiadiazines and 3-(2-phenyl hydrazinothiazolyl) coumarins Kumar, V Ravi; Rao, V RajeswarIJC-B Vol.40B(12) December 2001]1226-1229
Condensation of 3-methyl/ethyl-5-mercapto-s-triazole with 3-acetylcoumarin and its derivativesVardhan, V Aditya; Kumar, V Ravi; Rao, V RajeswarIJC-B Vol.38B(01) [January 1999]18-23
Studies in Hantrsch thiazole synthesis:Synthesis of 3-(2-allylamino-4-thiazolyl)-2H-1- benzopyran-2-ones and 3-(4-phenylthiazoline-2-anil)-2H-1-benzopyran-2-ones in solid stateKumar, P Vijay; Reddy, R Vinod; Rao, V RajeswarIJC-B Vol.42B(07) [July 2003]1738-1741
Synthesis and antitubercular,antiviral and anticancer activity of 3-(3-mercaptoalkyl-7H-[1,2,4]triazolo [3,4-b][1,3,4]-thiadiazin-6-yl) chromen-2-one and its derivativesKumar, P Vijaya; Rao, V RajeswarIJCB Vol.47B(1) [January 2008]106-111
Synthesis and biological activity of some 3-imidazo[1,2-]pyridin-2-yl-chromen-2-one and 3-indolizin-2-yl-chromen-2-oneKumar, P Vijaya; Rao, V RajeswarIJC-B Vol.44B(10) [October 2005]2120-2125
Synthesis of 2-alkyl/arylalkyl/phenacyl­sul­fanyl-1-thia-3,3,10-triaza-pentaleno[1,2-b]naphthalene-4,9-dioneSrinivas, V; Rao, V RajeswarIJC-B Vol.49B(01) [January 2010]115-118
Synthesis of 3-(1-aryl-2-mercaptoimidazolyl)-2H-1-benzopyran-2-one derivativesKumar, V Ravi; Rao, V RajeswarIJC-B Vol.41B(02) [February 2002]415-418
Synthesis of some 3-(2-substituted sulfanyl-imidazo [2,1-b][1,3,4] thiadiazol-6-yl)-chromen-2-one and its derivativesKumar, P Vijaya; Reddy, K Manohar; Rao, V RajeswarIJC-B Vol.59B(04) [April 2020]454-458
Synthesis of some 7-methyl-3-(2-oxo-2H-chromen-3-yl)- 5H[1,3]thiazolo[3,2-a]-pyrimidin-5-onesKumar, P Vijaya; Reddy, K Manoher; Rao, V RajeswarIJCB Vol.47B(5) [May 2008]759-763
Synthesis of some new type of thiazolyl coumarinsSrimanth, K; Rao, V RajeswarIJC-B Vol.38B(04) [April 1999]473-475
Zinc chloride-catalyzed one-pot synthesis of 3-[2-(3-methyl-4,5-dihydro-furo[2,3-c]­pyrazol-1-yl)thiazol-4-yl]-chromen-2-ones via a three component reactionKumar, P Vijaya; Reddy, K Manoher; Rao, V RajeswarIJC-B Vol.49B(06) [June 2010]836-839