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Detection of pre-sunrise echoes at mesospheric heightsRatnam, M Venkat; Rao, T Narayana; Rao, S Vijaya Bhaskara; Rao, D Narayana; Kumar, Y Bhavani; Raghunath, KIJRSP Vol.29(4) [August 2000]258-261
Effect of sea breeze on propagation characteristics over a LOS microwave link located in Indian south-east coastRao, T Rama; Rao, S Vijaya Bhaskara; Prasad, M V S N; Sarkar, S K; Lakshmi, D RIJRSP Vol.28(3) [June 1999]113-118
Estimation of meridional temperature gradient profile using Indian MST radarRao, D Narayana; Singh, H Randhir; Rao, S Vijaya Bhaskara; Raja, M K Rama Varma; Asnani, G C; Thulasiraman, SIJRSP Vol.28(4) [August 1999]165-169
Investigation of gravity waves in the atmospheric boundary layer using sodar and microbarographReddy, K Krishna; Kumar, T R Vijaya; Rao, S Vijaya Bhaskara; Kishore, P; Rao, D narayanaIJRSP Vol.27(6) [December 1998]247-259
Mesospheric sodium over Gadanki during Geminid meteor shower 2007Lokanadham, B; Chandra, N Rakesh; Rao, S Vijaya Bhaskara; Raghunath, K; Yellaiah, GIJRSP Vol.39(1) [February 2010]7-10
MST radar observations of meteor showers and trail induced irregularities in the ionospheric E–regionChandra, N Rakesh; Yellaiah, G; Rao, S Vijaya Bhaskara; GeethaRamKumar, RIJRSP Vol.39(3) [June 2010]138-143
MST radar observations of the Leonid meteor storm during 1996-2007Chandra, N Rakesh; Yellaiah, G; Rao, S Vijaya BhaskaraIJRSP Vol.40(2) [April 2011]67-71
Rain attenuation studies at 11.7GHz over southern IndiaRao, S Vijaya Bhaskara; Rao, T Rama; Reddy, I V Subba; Prasad, M V S N; Reddy, V Gunasekhara; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.31(2) [April 2002]107-109
Rainrate and rain attenuation statistics for different homogeneous regions of IndiaSulochana, Y; Chandrika, P; Rao, S Vijaya BhaskaraIJRSP Vol.43(4-5) [August-October 2014]303-314
Rayleigh lidar observations of mesospheric inversion layers over Gadanki (13.5°N, 79.2°E) and their relationship with gravity wave activityRamesh, K; Sridharan, S; Rao, S Vijaya Bhaskara; Raghunath, K; Kumar, Y BhavaniIJRSP Vol.43(1) [February 2014]83-90
Vertical velocity, horizontal divergence and turbulence associated with tropical mesoscale convective systemRao, D Narayana; Singh, H Randhir; Rao, S Vijaya BhaskaraIJRSP Vol.30(2) [April 2001]91-97