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Analysis of Fading of Signals from Spread-F Irregularities Observed Simultaneously at different HeightsRao, M Srirama; Subrahmanyam, VIJRSP Vol.07(6) [December 1978]311-312
Diurnal & Seasonal Trends in TEC Values Observed at WaltairRao, P V S Rama; Rao, M Srirama; Satyam, MIJRSP Vol.06(3) [September 1977]233-235
Diurnal & Seasonal Variations in the Duty Cycle of Meteor Forward Scatter CommunicationRao, M Srirama; Rao, D A V Krishna; Rao, B Ramachandra; Rao, E BhagirathaIJRSP Vol.07(3) [June 1978]159-161
Diurnal, seasonal and shower period variations in radio meteor rates over WaltairRao, M Srirama; Jyothi, K K; Niranjan, KIJRSP Vol.20(2) [April 1991]102-106
Equatorial Spread F & F-layer HeightSubrahmanyam, V; Rao, M SriramaIJRSP Vol.07(3) [June 1978]166-170
Equatorial Spread-F Configurations & Geomagnetic ActivitySastry, J Hanumath; Sasidharan, K; Subrahmanyam, V; Rao, M SriramaIJRSP Vol.07(6) [December 1978]314-316
Geminid Meteor Shower Observed over Waltair during 1961-66Rao, M Srirama; Rao, P V Srirama; Lokanadham, BIJRSP Vol.06(1) [March 1977]74-75
Horizontal Drifts as a Diagnostic Tool for Vertical Motions of Nocturnal F-region-An Experimental EvidenceRamesh, K Satya; Rao, M Srirama; Jogulu, CIJRSP Vol.13(5) [October 1984]164-165
Influence of Solar Activity on Mental Care Hospital AdmissionsRao, M Srirama; Nirmala, A; Ahmed, M IqhbalIJRSP Vol.11(5) [October 1982]209-212
Meteor Wind Radar Studies at WaltairDevara, P C S; Ahmed, M I; Rao, M Srirama; Rao, B RamachandraIJRSP Vol.10(6) [December 1981]228-236
Nocturnal F-region vertical drifts over WaltairRao, M Srirama; Ramesh, K S; Niranjan, KIJRSP Vol.20(5) [October 1991]327-332
On the Existence of Rainfall Calendaricities, Based on Lunar EffectRao, M Srirama; Murty, A GopalakrishnaIJRSP Vol.05(2) [June 1976]141-144
On the Influence of Sunspot Activity on Sporadic Radio MeteorsRao, M Srirama; Jyothi, K KIJRSP Vol.08(2) [April 1979]82-84
Phase-path Studies of Spread-F over Waltair during Sep.-Oct. 1978Rao, M Srirama; Rai, P Ernest; Rao, B MadhusudanaIJRSP Vol.08(5&6) [October & December 1979]400-402
Radio Meteor Rates Observed with Meteor Wind Radar during Non-shower PeriodDevara, P C S; Ahmed, Md. Iqhbal; Rao, M Srirama; Rao, B RamachandraIJRSP Vol.07(4) [August 1978]192-194
Rigorous Method of Normalization & Analysis of Visual Meteor DataRao, M Srirama; Ratnam, S Raja; Rao, J V JaganmohanaIJRSP Vol.07(5) [October 1978]229-233
Seasonal Variation of Nocturnal Vertical Drifts over WaltairRamesh, K Satya; Rao, M Srirama; Jogulu, C; Rao, B MIJRSP Vol.13(5) [October 1984]151-153
Stormtime Variation of TEC over Walt airNRU, D; Rao, P V S Rama; Niranjan, K; Rao, M SriramaIJRSP Vol.10(1) [February 1981]31-34
Studies on Wavelike Oscillations in Sporadic-ERao, B Madhusudhana; Rao, M Srirama; Rao, B RamachandraIJRSP Vol.07(6) [December 1978]290-295
Study of Geminid Shower Activity Using Meteor Wind RadarDevara, P C S; Ahmed, Md. Iqhbal; Rao, M SriramaIJRSP Vol.08(2) [April 1979]85-88