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Association of the Periods of Equatorial Pc4 & Pc5 Pulsations with Solar Wind VelocityRao, D R K; Rangarajan, G K; Asinkar, R LIJRSP Vol.13(4) [August 1984]135-136
Complexities of counter equatorial electrojet currentsRastogi, R G; Rangarajan, G K; Somayajulu, V VIJRSP Vol.21(2) [April 1992]89-96
Effect of Increased Geomagnetic Activity on the Diurnal Variation of the Equatorial Geomagnetic FieldRangarajan, G KIJRSP Vol.09(5) [October 1980]161-163
Global Geomagnetic Activity & IMF Sector Boundary PassageRangarajan, G KIJRSP Vol.09(3) [June 1980]73-76
Local Time Dependence of Solar Quiet Daily & Annual Variations of the Geomagnetic Horizontal Intensity at SabhawalaRangarajan, G K; Ahmed, KhursheedIJRSP Vol.10(1) [February 1981]20-24
Long period oscillations of zonal wind in lower and middle atmosphere over Thumba: Power spectrum analysis for inter-annual variations and other featuresJain, A R; Rangarajan, G KIJRSP Vol.20(6) [December 1991]409-416
Positive Equatorial Dst & Diurnal Variation of the Geomagnetic FieldRangarajan, G K; Bhargava, B NIJRSP Vol.10(4) [August 1981]119-122
Response of low latitude geomagnetic field to solar proton events with energies > 10 MeVRangarajan, G KIJRSP Vol.21(5) [October 1992]255-259
Riometer Observations at AntarcticaVenkatachari, R; Gupta, A Sen; Rangarajan, G K; Cruz, L DIJRSP Vol.14(6) [December 1985]157-158
Severe Geomagnetic Disturbance of 19 Dec. 1980Rangarajan, G K; Ramteke, R S; Krishnamoorty, G VIJRSP Vol.10(2) [April 1981]76-77
Solar control of the day-to-day variability in the equatorial geomagnetic fieldBhardwaj, S K; Rangarajan, G KIJRSP Vol.23(5) [October 1994]326-333
Solar Flare Effect in Equatorial Magnetic Field during Morning Counter ElectrojetRangarajan, G K; Rastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.10(5) [October 1981]190-192
Solar Flare of 6 Nov 1980 & Associated Ionospheric EffectsRastogi, R G; Rangarajan, G K; Gupta, A Sen; Iyer, K N; Vyas, G DIJRSP Vol.12(6) [December 1983]179-183
Solar Wind Interaction Region & Low Latitude Geomagnetic FieldRangarajan, G K; Ramteke, R SIJRSP Vol.13(1) [February 1984]16-18
Solar Wind Stream Characteristics & Low Latitude Geomagnetic Field ChangesRangarajan, G KIJRSP Vol.12(3) [June 1983]65-67
Solar Wind Streams, Sector Boundary Passage & Low Latitude Geomagnetic FieldRangarajan, G K; Arora, B RIJRSP Vol.10(2) [April 1981]54-57
Some Features of Annual Variation in the Equatorial Geomagnetic FieldRangarajan, G KIJRSP Vol.11(4) [August 1982]152-155
Storm-time disturbance field and the computed equatorial Dst index.Mukherjee, S; Alex, S; Rangarajan, G KIJRSP Vol.27(2) [April 1998]76-81
Variability of the Ionospheric Component of the Equatorial Geomagnetic FieldRangarajan, G K; Murty, A V SIJRSP Vol.13(5) [October 1984]154-158