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Analysis of rain noise in shallow waters of Bay of Bengal during cyclonic storm JALAshokan, M.; Latha, G.; Ramesh, R.-795-799
Analysis of underwater rain noise from shallow water ambient noise measurements in Indian seasAshokan, M.; Latha, G.; Ramesh, R.; Thirunavukkarasu, A.IJMS Vol.44(02) [February 2015]144-149
Applications of Remote Sensing in the validations of Potential Fishing Zones (PFZ) along the coast of North Tamil Nadu, IndiaNammalwar., P; Satheesh, S.; Ramesh, R.IJMS Vol.42(3) [June 2013]283-292
Fun Quiz – How good are you at Elementary Astronomy?Mishra, Lambodara; Ramesh, R.SR Vol.50(11) [November 2013]58-59
Galileo’s Astronomical DiscoveriesMishra, Lambodara; Ramesh, R.SR Vol.51(01) [January 2014]32-34
Mapping and monitoring of land use/land cover changes in Neil Island (South Andaman) using geospatial approachesMageswaran, T.; Sachithanandam, V.; Sridhar, R; Thirunavukarasu, E; Ramesh, R.IJMS Vol.44(11) [November 2015]1762-1768
Productivity measurements in the Bay of Bengal using the ¹⁵N tracer: Implications to the global carbon cycleKumar, Sanjeev; Ramesh, R.IJMS Vol.34(2) [June 2005]153-162
Rapid assessment on mass mortality of fishes in Ennore estuary of Tamil Nadu, IndiaSachithanandam, V.; Mageswaran, T.; Sridhar, R.; Arumugam, K.; Purvaja, R; Ramesh, R.IJMS Vol.46(08) [August 2017]1647-1650
Seasonal and tidal dynamics of nutrients and chlorophyll a in a tropical mangrove estuary, southeast coast of IndiaSenthilkumar, B.; Purvaja, R.; Ramesh, R.IJMS Vol.37(2) [June 2008]132-140
Seasonal variation in fatty acid profiles of threadfin breams, Nemipterus mesoprion (Bleeker, 1853) and Nemipterus japonicas (Bloch, 1791) with respect to their sizeRamesh, R.; Chakraborty, S.K.; Venkateshwarlu, G.IJMS Vol.45(05) [May 2016]696-702
Source-sink inventory of greenhouse gases from Indian mangroves: a reviewBanerjee, Kakolee; Ganguly, Dipnarayan; Selvam, Paneer A.; Ramachandran, Purvaja; Ramesh, R.IJMS Vol.43(6) [June 2014]1013-1025