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BPS Spectra of dyons in four-dimensional N = 2 supersymmetric theoriesSingh, Manu P; Rajput, B SIJPAP Vol.38(06) [June 2000]458-470
Degeneracies of dyonic harmonic oscillator and effect of magnetic field of dyoniumJoshi, S C; Pandey, V P; Rajput, B SIJPAP Vol.40(08) [August 2002]569-573
Dyon-dynamics in supersymmetric theoryPant, PC; Pandey, V P; Rajput, B SIJPAP Vol.38(06) [June 2000]365-370
Fermion-dyon dynamics in supersymmetric theoriesPandey, V P; Rajput, B SIJPAP Vol.38(06) [June 2000]371-376
Moduli space for dyonsSingh, Manu P; Pandey, Richa; Dobal, Meena; Rajput, B SIJPAP Vol.38(04) [April 2000]223-228
Scattering of a photon by a dyonPurohit, Prem Prakash; Pandey, V P; Rajput, B SIJPAP Vol.37(03) [March 1999]163-169
Scattering of monopoles and decay of anti-monopoliumPurohit, P P; Pandey, V P; Rajput, B SIJPAP Vol.38(05) [May 2000]287-295
Solvable potentials in supersymmetric theoriesPandey, Richa; Rajput, B SIJPAP Vol.38(06) [June 2000]427-429
Quaternionic spontaneous symmetry breaking and Weinberg-Salam modelRawat, A S; Negi, O P S; Bisht, P S; Rajput, B SIJPAP Vol.38(06) [June 2000]390-394
Squeezed states in third harmonic generationLal, Jawahar; Jaiswal, R M P; Rajput, B SIJPAP Vol.40(10) [October 2002]690-693
Supersymlnetry breakingRajput, B SIJPAP Vol.38(06) [June 2000]359-364
Supersymmetric behaviour of tachyonsPant, M C; Bisht, P S; Negi, O P S; Rajput, B SIJPAP Vol.38(06) [June 2000]440-445
Supersymmetric quantum mechanics and supersymmetry breakingDobal, Meena; Rajput, B SIJPAP Vol.38(06) [June 2000]422-426
Supersymmetric quantum mechanics in first order Dirac equationJoshi, S C; Rajput, B SIJPAP Vol.38(06) [June 2000]437-439
SUSY breaking at finite temperatureBora, Shuchi; Rajput, B SIJPAP Vol.38(06) [June 2000]430-436