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Branch information systemRajagopalan, T SALIS Vol.23(1) [March 1976]129-140
Change of (BC) in DC edition 16: Impact of CC on DC. 1Guha, B; Neogi, P N; Parkhi, G R; Raizada, A S; Rajagopalan, T S; Vohra, H RALIS Vol.08(4) [December 1961]113-149
Indian scientific documents and their bibliographical organizationRajagopalan, T SALIS Vol.09(2) [June 1962]68-83
A new method of cyclic indexingBose, H; Rajagopalan, T SALIS Vol.13(3) [September 1966]151-156
Organisation of information grid within a branchRajagopalan, T SALIS Vol.22(1) [March 1975]21-24
Reporting of Indian agricultural literature in some cab abstracting servicesRajagopalan, T S; Sen, B K; Roy, S; Upadhyaya, P DALIS Vol.12(2) [June 1965]87-99
Reporting of Indian Mathematics literature in the Mathematical Reviews and The Bulletin SignaletiqueRajagopalan, T S; Sen, B K; Gogia, K L; Gera, J CALIS Vol.12(3) [September 1965]137-150
Reporting of Indian medical literature in the Index Medicus and the Excerpta MedicaSen, B K; Gera, J C; Gogia, K L; Rajagopalan, T SALIS Vol.13(1) [March 1966]1-24
Soviet scientific information systemRajagopalan, T SALIS Vol.15(3) [September 1968]125-154
A study on the scatter of contributions of Indian scientists in Indian and foreign periodicals: 1. MathematicsPeter, K M; Rajagopalan, T SALIS Vol.13(3) [September 1966]142-150
Towards evolution of a National Information System for Science and Technology in IndiaRajagopalan, T SALIS Vol.23(2) [June 1976]169-172