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Chemical oceanography of the Arabian Sea: Part IV Laccadive SeaGupta, R Sen; Moraes, Caroline; Kureishy, T W; Yanan, V N Sankaranara; Jana, T K; Naqvi, S W A; Rajagopal, M DIJMS Vol.08(4) [December 1979]215-221
Distribution of dissolved boron in the waters of the Zuari Estuary (Goa)Rajagopal, M D; Rajendran, A; Reddy, C V GIJMS Vol.10(1) [March 1981]20-23
Distribution of Dissolved Silicate in the Arabian Sea & Bay of BengalRajendran, A; Rajagopal, M D; Reddy, C V GIJMS Vol.09(3) [September 1980]172-178
Intertidal zones as carbon dioxide sources to coastal oceansKumar, M Dileep; George, M D; Rajagopal, M DIJMS Vol.22(3) [September 1993]221-224
Phosphorus retention capacity of sediments in Mandovi Estuary (Goa)Rajagopal, M D; Reddy, C V GIJMS Vol.13(1) [March 1984]1-4
Physico-Chemical Features and Energy Input in 3 Sandy Beaches of West Coast of IndiaWafar, M V M; Rajagopal, M D; Menezes, Maria R; Stirling, ANNIJMS Vol.09(1) [March 1980]25-30
Plankton studies in the estuarine &nearshore regions of Mandovi & ZuariRajagopal, M DIJMS Vol.10(2) [June 1981]112-115
Seasonal Variations in Biochemical Composition of Some Seaweeds from Goa CoastSumitra-Vijayaraghavan; Rajagopal, M D; Wafar, M V MIJMS Vol.09(1) [March 1980]61-63
Studies on Nutrients of Mandovi & Zuari River SystemsDe Sousa, S N; Gupta, R Sen; Sanzgiri, Sujata; Rajagopal, M DIJMS Vol.10(4) [December 1981]314-321
Variations in Stomach Contents & Biochemical Composition of Tissues in Some Marine FishesJacob, P G; Rajagopal, M DIJMS Vol.09(3) [September 1980]207-211