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Close electric fields due to lightning above a finitely conducting groundKumar, Rajesh; Rai, Jagdish; Singh, VirIJRSP Vol.21(5) [October 1992]286-293
Effect of ionospheric temperature on solar activitiesSharma, Pankaj Kumar; Sharma, Dinesh Kumar; Pathak, P P; Rai, JagdishBVAAP Vol.18(2) [December 2010]140-148
Effect of lightning on ionospheric temperature determined by SROSS-C2 satelliteSharma, D K; Rai, Jagdish; Israil, M; Subrahmanyam, P; Chopra, P; Garg, S CIJRSP Vol.32(2) [April 2003]93-97
Effect of orographic features on atmospheric electrical parameters of different cities of IndiaKumar, Adarsh; Rai, Jagdish; Nigam, M J; Singh, Arvind Kumar; Nivas, SriIJRSP Vol.27(5) [October 1998]215-223
Effect of solar activity on ionospheric temperatures in F2 regionSharma, D K; Sharma, P K; Rai, Jagdish; Garg, S CIJRSP Vol.37(5) [October 2008]319-325
Effect of Solar Activity on Whistler DispersionMisra, R. P.; Rai, Jagdish; LalmaniIJRSP Vol.04(4) [December 1975]244-246
Effect of solar flares on electron and ion temperatures as measured by SROSS-C2 satelliteSharma, D K; Rai, Jagdish; Israil, M; Subrahmanyam, P; Chopra, P; Garg, S CIJRSP Vol.33(1) [February 2004]7-12
Electric fields due to lateral corona currentSingh, M P; Rai, Jagdish; Tomar, J SIJRSP Vol.31(1) [February 2002]21-27
Ionospheric electron and ion temperatures response to seismic activitySharma, D K; Bardhan, A; Rai, JagdishIJRSP Vol.42(1) [February 2013]18-26
Ionospheric ion density variation in the low and mid latitude ionosphere: Possible connection with earthquakeMaheshwari, N; Sharma, D K; Khurana, M S; Rai, JagdishIJRSP Vol.39(6) [December 2010]353-358
Magnetic Field within the Return Stroke Channel of LightningRai, Jagdish; Singh, A. K.; Saha, S. K.IJRSP Vol.02(4) [December 1973]240-242
Measurement of atmospheric aerosols during monsoon and winter seasons at Roorkee, IndiaSaxena, Deepti; Yadav, R; Kumar, Adarsh; Rai, JagdishIJRSP Vol.39(4) [August 2010]208-217
Shock Waves from Lightning & Diameter of the Expanding Return Stroke ChannelMisra, R P; Rai, JagdishIJRSP Vol.05(4) [December 1976]326-328
Variations in atmospheric aerosols and electrical conductivity at Roorkee during the total solar eclipse of October 1995Singh, Arvind Kumar; Nivas, Sri; Kumar, Adarsh; Rai, Jagdish; Nigam, M JIJRSP Vol.28(1) [February 1999]1-10