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Asymmetric synthesis of 2,4,5- substituted prolines through 1,3-dipolar addition reaction of N-arylidene menthyl esters of α-aminoacid with methyl acrylatePrasad, Jagdish; Kumar, Munish; Panday, Sharad KumarIJC-B Vol.59B(07) [July 2020]1039-1042
Effect of grain size on the transmission of zinc sulphide windows in the 8-12 μm range of infraredSingh, S S; Pratap, Surendra; Prasad, Jagdish; Kumar, Rajeev; Murari, KrishnaIJEMS Vol.08(1) [February 2001]18-21
An efficient and straight forward strategy for the synthesis of enantiomerically pure (S)-1-benzyl-5-(alkyl/aryl amino) methyl)-pyrrolidin-2-onesPanday, Sharad Kumar; Pathak, Manoher Bhushan; Prasad, JagdishIJC-B Vol.54B(07) [July 2015]936-939
Electrochemistry of binary and mixed-ligand copper(II) complexes with pyrazine and dicyanamide bridging ligands in aqueous mediumPrakash, Ved; Srivastava, Krishna; Prasad, JagdishIJC-A Vol.56A(06) [June 2017]585-591
K-Absorption Edges of Some Cu(II) Complexes Involving Metal-Metal Exchange InteractionPrasad, Jagdish; Krishna, Vijai; Nigam, H. L.IJC-A Vol.15A(09) [September 1977]768-770
On K-Edge Fine Structure Spectra of Some Cu(I) ComplexesPrasad, Jagdish; Krishna, Vijai; Nigam, Hira LalIJC-A Vol.15A(04) [April 1977]303-305
Acid catalyzed condensation of pyroglutamic acid with arylaldehydes: Synthesis of (3R, 7aS)-3-aryldihydropyrrolo[1, 2-c] oxazol-1, 5(3H, 6H) dionePrasad, Jagdish; Panday, Sharad KumarIJC-B Vol.51B(12) December 2012]1781-1784
X-Ray K-Absorption Spectral Studies of Some Copper(II) Complexes with Triphenylphosphine OxidePrasad, Jagdish; Shah, M C; Srivastava, B OIJC-A Vol.21A(11) [November 1982]1040-1043
X-Ray K-Absorption Studies of Some Cu(II) ComplexesKrishna, Vijai; Prasad, Jagdish; Nigam, H. L.IJC-A Vol.15A(09) [September 1977]765-767