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Affinity properties of phosvitin: Interaction of phosvitin with serine hydroxymethyl transferaseLakhey, H V; Rao, A G Appu; Prakash, V; Krishnaswamy, P R; Savithri, H S; Rao, N Appaji; Ramadoss, C SIJBB Vol.36(2) [April 1999]69-76
Biotechnology — The Interface between Agri-resources and the ConsumerPrakash, VIJBT Vol.01(1) [January 2002]121-124
Chemical modification of catalytic site of lipase from wheat germ: Altered structure-activity profileGopalakrishna, K N; Kumar, P Ramesh; Prakash, VIJBB Vol.39(1) [February 2002]28-34
Disruption of distal interactions of Arg 262 and of substrate binding to Ser 52 affect catalysis of sheep liver cytosolic serine hydroxymethyltransferaseJala, Venkatakrishna Rao; Ambili, M; Prakash, V; Rao, N Appaji; Savithri, H SIJBB Vol.40(4) [August 2003]226-237
Effect of urea at lower concentration on the structure of papain — Formation of a stable molten globule and its characterizationSathish, H A; Kumar, P Ramesh; Prakash, VIJBB Vol.39(3) [June 2002]155-162
Functional Foods — The IPR AngleKrishna, G A; Prakash, VJIPR Vol.06(4) [July 2001]286-291
Infuence of metal ions on structure and catalytic activity of papainSathish, H A; Kaul, Purnima; Prakash, VIJBB Vol.37(1) [February 2000]18-27
Molten globule intermediates of human serum albumin in low concentration of ureaMuralidhara, B K; Prakash, VIJBB Vol.39(5) [October 2002]318-324
Role of Disulfide Bridges in Structure-Activity Relationship of Plant Lipases from Wheat germ and Rice branGopalakrishna, K N; Kaul, Purnima; Kumar, P Ramesh; Prakash, VIJBT Vol.01(2) [April 2002]188-196
Structural stabilization of bovine β-Lactoglobulin in presence of polyhydric alcoholsAnuradha, S N; Prakash, VIJBT Vol.7(4) [October 2008]437-447
Value Addition to Agricultural Resources – The IPR AngleKumar, P Ramesh; Prakash, VJIPR Vol.10(5) [September 2005]434-440