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Analysis of crude oil for its trace metals contentTamrakar, P K; Pitre, K SIJC-A Vol.39A(07) [July 2000]779-783
Application of electroanalytical techniques for the determination of trace metals in airborne particulate matterTamrakar, Praveen Kumar; Pitre, K SIJC-A Vol.40A(12) [December 2001]1353-1355
Bioinorganic studies on Fe (II)- zidovudine (azt) complexDas, Ratnesh; Pitre, K SIJCT Vol.14(5) [September 2007]526-528
Corrosion and inhibition kinetics of PVA polymer on carbon steel in sulfuric acid solutionShukla, Jyotsna; Pitre, K SIJC-A Vol.44A(11) [November 2005]2270-2273
Inhibitive effect of PEG on the corrosion of aluminium in acidic mediumShukla, Jyotsna; Pitre, K S; Jain, PraveenIJC-A Vol.42A(11) [November 2003]2784-2787
A new voltammetric method for corrosion rate determinationShukla, Jyotsna; Pitre, K SIJC-A Vol.35A(01) [January 1996]44-48
Trace analysis of green sandstone by voltammetryVerma, Neerja; Pitre, K SIJC-A Vol.31A(03) [March 1992]210-212
Trace analysis of platinum in sand sample: A voltammetric approachShukla, Jhyotsna; Pitre, K SIJC-A Vol.37A(04) [April 1998]374-376
Trace analysis of toxic heavy metals in airborne particulate matterTamrakar, P K; Pitre, K SIJC-A Vol.43A(07) [July 2004]1468-1471
Trace metals analysis in molybdenite mineral sampleTamrakar, Praveen Kumar; Pitre, K SIJC-A Vol.39A(05) [May 2000]560-563
Use of voltammetric methods for the analysis of trace metals in engine oilsTamrakar, P K; Pitre, K SIJC-A Vol.42A(04) [April 2003]843-846
Voltammetric DNA biosensor for the study of mechanism of action of anticancer drug-adriamycinTiwari, Sweety; Pitre, K SIJCT Vol.15(6) [November 2008]593-597
Voltammetric estimation of Te(IV) in some natural samplesDave, Mangla; Pitre, K SIJC-A Vol.30A(02) [February 1991]198-199