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Different binding modes of dimethylglyoxime (dmg-H2) towards Ru(II) ion: Synthesis and structural characterization of [RuIICl2( dmg-H2)(DMSO)2] and synthesis of [RuIICl(dmg-H2)2(DMSO)]Cl and [RuII(dmg-H)2(DMSO)2]Khan, M M Taqui; Paul, Parimal; Venkatasubramanian, KIJC-A Vol.31A(01) [January 1992]17-22
Electrochemical studies of some nickel(ll) complexes of the type [Ni(N - N - S)(CN)] and [Ni2(N - N - S)2-ยต-(CN)] (CIPO4): Generation of nickel (I) speciesPaul, Parimal; Das, Ramprosad; Mandal, Sanat K; Nag, KamalakshaIJC-A Vol.29A(04) [April 1990]335-338
Metal Complexes of Sulphur-Nitrogen Chelating Agents: Part XIII-Synthesis & Characterization of Copper(III) Complexes with Some Monoprotic Tridentate LigandsPaul, Parimal; Roy, Rita; Nag, KIJC-A Vol.23A(07) [July 1984]572-574
Selective extraction of alkali metal ions from bittern using picrate anion and crown ethers as ligand: An experimental and theoretical studyAgnihotri, Pragati; Ganguly, Bishwajit; Suresh, E; Paul, Parimal; Ghosh, Pushpito KIJC-A Vol.42A(09) [September 2003]2439-2446
Synthesis and structural characterization of a dinuclear Cu(I) complex [Cu2 (PXBDPA)Cl2]Khan, M M Taqui; Sreelatha, Ch; Paul, Parimal; Venkatasubramanian, KIJC-A Vol.32A(02) [February 1993]143-146
Synthesis, characterization, electrochemistry and photophysical studies of tetranuclear ruthenium(II) complexes with two new spacers containing four 1,10-phenanthroline units as donorPaul, Parimal; Tyagi, Beena; Natarajan, PIJC-A Vol.42A(09) [September 2003]2283-2289