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Effect of polar dopants on structure of emission spectrum of crystalline anthracene powdersGharge, M N; Bhattar, S L; Kolekar, G B; Patil, S RIJC-A Vol.48A(10) [October 2009]1383-1387
Fluorescence resonance energy transfer from proflavin hemisulphate to rose bengal in aqueous micellar solutionBhattar, S L; Kolekar, G B; Patil, S RIJC-A Vol.49A(07) [July 2010]896-900
Fluorescence studies of biphenyl doped by pyrene and perylenePujari, S R; Jadhav, S A; Bhosale, P N; Rao, P M R; Patil, S RIJPAP Vol.40(02) [February 2002]115-121
Medicinal plants used by the rural people of Taluka Purandhar, district Pune, MaharashtraDesale, M K; Bhamare, P B; Sawant, P S; Patil, S R; Kamble, S YIJTK Vol.12(2) [April 2013]334-338
Photophysical studies of N-phenylanthranilic acid in polymer filmsPujari, S R; Bhosale, P N; Rao, P M R; Patil, S RIJCT Vol.10(3) [May 2003]251-256
Photophysics of exciplex emission of crystalline biphenyl doped by pyreneJadhav, S A; Pujari, S R; Patil, S RIJPAP Vol.38(01) [January 2000]43-47
Quenching of excimer fluorescence of crystalline pyrene by doped anthracenePatwari, S B; Patil, S RIJC-A Vol.36A(09) [September 1997]792-794
Some new aspects of luminescence in perylene doped pyrenePatil, S RIJC-A Vol.34A(02) [February 1995]102-105
Structural and photophysical aspects of perylene- doped anthracene crystalline powders prepared by microwave heatingGharge, M N; Bhattar, S L; Kolekar, G B; Patil, S RIJCA Vol.47A(11) [November 2008]1642-1648
Studies on plants used in traditional medicine by Bhilla tribe of MaharashtraKamble, S Y; Patil, S R; Sawant, P S; Sawant, Sangita; Pawar, S G; Singh, E AIJTK Vol.9(3) [July 2010]591-598
Tuning of wavelength of exciplex emission of pyrene and perylene in fluorene matrixPujari, S R; Jadhav, S A; Patil, S RIJC-A Vol.40A(09) [September 2001]933-938
Undoped, single phase barite BaCrO4 photocatalyst for the degradation of methylene blue under visible lightThakare, Sanjay R; Patil, S R; Choudhari, M DIJC-A Vol.49A(01) [January 2010]54-58