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Biomass conversion : Synergistic use of immobilized α-amylase and amyloglucosidase for rapid and maximum conversion of starch into glucosePatil, V; Patil, N BIJCT Vol.07(2) [March 2000]47-50
Cotton fibre breaking tenacity and extension as a function of linear density under standard atmospheric and wet conditionsPatel, G S; Patil, N BIJFTR Vol.14(2) [June 1989]51-58
Crystallinity of Polyethylene Terephthalate FibresGupta, V B; Kumar, Satish; Patil, N B; Chidambareswaran, P KIJFTR Vol.04(1) [March 1979]35-39
Induction and properties of (1→3)--D-glucanase from Aureobasidium pullulansDake, M S; Jadhav, J P; Patil, N BIJBT Vol.3(1) [January 2004]58-64
Measurement of energy required to detach cotton fibres from seed -Some practical considerationslyer, K R K; Vizia, N C; Patil, N BIJFTR Vol.18(2) [June 1993]57-61
Parameters related to clothing comfort-A new approach for measuring moisture transport through fabricsSreenivasan, S; Patel, G S; Nachane, R P; Chidambareswaran, P K; Patil, N BIJFTR Vol.15(3) [September 1990]124-128
Parameters related to clothing comfort-diffusive moisture transport evaluationSreenivasan, S; Nachane, R P; Patel, G S; Chidambareswaran, P K; Patil, N BIJFTR Vol.16(3) [September 1991]189-194
Purification and immobilization of fructosyl transferase for production of fructo-oligosaccharide(s) from sucrosePatil, V B; Patil, N BIJEB Vol.37(08) [August 1999]830-834
Sucrose conferred stability of fructosyl transferase at elevated temperaturesPatil, V B; Patil, N BIJCT Vol.10(3) [May 2003]265-268