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A convenient one-pot synthesis of series of 3-(2,6-diphenyl-4- pyridyl)hydroquinolin-2-one under microwave irradiation and their antimicrobial activitiesLadani, Niraj K; Patel, Manish P; Patel, Ranjan GIJCB Vol.48B(2) [February 2009]261-266
A facile four component one-pot synthesis of polyhydroquinoline derivatives catalyzed by ionic liquid via modified Hantzsch reactionNirmal, Jay P; Dadhaniya, Pratish V; Patel, Manish P; Patel, Ranjan GIJC-B Vol.49B(05) [May 2010]587-592
Microwave-assisted synthesis of some new biquinoline compounds catalyzed by DMAP and their biological activitiesNirmal, Jay P; Patel, Manish P; Patel, Ranjan GIJC-B Vol.48B(05) [May 2009]712-717
Reaction of 3-aminocyclohex-2-en-1-ones with arylidenemalononitriles: Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of some new quinoline bearing pyrazole nucleusShah, Nirav K; Patel, Manish P; Patel, Ranjan GIJC-B Vol.48B(08) [August 2009]1170-1173
Synthesis and characterisation of photo chromic polycyanuratesThakor, Kishor B; Mistry, Bharat B; Patel, Ranjan G; Patel, Vithal SIJCT Vol.04(1) [January 1997]7-12
Synthesis and evaluation of novel photochromic disazo condensation pigmentsBhalakia, Samir M; Modi, Bhavin J; Patel, Ranjan GIJCT Vol.06(1) [January 1999]12-18
Synthesis, characterization and anti-bacterial activity of some new 2, 3, 6-trisubstituted quinazolin-4(3H)-onesPatel, Rohit D; Patel, Manish P; Patel, Ranjan GIJC-B Vol.44B(09) [September 2005]1944-1946