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Book Review – The Computer RevolutionParthasarathy, AnandSR Vol.57(12) [December 2020]48-49
Coronavirus Challenge - Propelling a New Paradigm of Work from HomeParthasarathy, AnandSR Vol.57(04) [April 2020]14-19
Drones Ahoy!Parthasarathy, AnandSR Vol.58(09) [September 2021]14-20
Happy Birthday USB!Parthasarathy, AnandSR Vol.53(02) [February 2016]46-47
Preparing for the new WiFi!Parthasarathy, AnandSR Vol.56(07) [July 2019]26-29
Quantum Supremacy: Here Now, or Hype?Parthasarathy, AnandSR Vol.56(12) [December 2019]14-18
Say Hi, To The Smarter Speaker!Parthasarathy, AnandSR Vol.57(07) [July 2020]29-31
“Touching” TechnologyParthasarathy, AnandSR Vol.58(04) [April 2021]14-19
Turning Point for TelemedicineParthasarathy, AnandSR Vol.57(08) [August 2020]14-19
Virtual Reality: Digital Maya BazaarParthasarathy, AnandSR Vol.53(07) [July 2016]14-20