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A comparison of aerosol size distributions obtained from bistatic lidar and low-pressure impactor experiments at a coastal stationParameswaran, K; Vijayakumar, GIJRSP Vol.22(1) [February 1993]42-49
Diurnal Variation Of hmaxE Estimated from Absorption MeasurementsParameswaran, K; Murthy, B V KrishnaIJRSP Vol.09(5) [October 1980]196-198
Effect of atmospheric relative humidity on aerosol size distributionParameswaran, K; Vijayakumar, GIJRSP Vol.23(3) [June 1994]175-188
Effect of Monsoon on Aerosol Profiles in the Mixing RegionParameswaran, K; Murthy, B V KrishnaIJRSP Vol.15(4) [August 1986]145-146
Effect of relative humidity on light scattering by polydisperse aerosolsParameswaran, KIJRSP Vol.25(2) [April 1996]64-73
Influence of Sporadic-E Irregularities on the Equatorial Lower Ionospheric AbsorptionParameswaran, K; Krishnamurthy, B VIJRSP Vol.10(2) [April 1981]61-64
Lidar observations of middle atmosphere temperature variability over low latitudeKrishnaiah, M; Raju, U Jaya Prakash; Kumar, Y Bhavani; Raghunath, K; Kumar, V Siva; Rao, P B; Murthy, B V Krishna; Sasi, M N; Parameswaran, K; Murthy, K Krishna; Nair, PrabhaIJRSP Vol.33(1) [February 2004]50-57
Lidar observations on aerosol mixing height in a tropical coastal environmentParameswaran, K; Vijayakumar, G; Murthy, B V KrishnaIJRSP Vol.26(1) [February 1997]15-21
Preliminary results of equatorial wave experiment conducted from 18 Jan. 1999 to 5 Mar. 1999 with lidar at GadankiMurthy, B V Krishna; Nayar, S R Prabhakaran; Revathy, K; Mridula, G; Satheesan, K; Parameswaran, K; Sasi, M N; Nair, Prabha R; Ramkumar, Geetha; Deepa, V; Bhavanikumar, Y; Sivakumar, V; Raghunath, K; Rajendraprasad, T; Krishniah, MIJRSP Vol.29(4) [August 2000]231-234
Satellite observations of the regional aerosol distribution and transport over the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian OceanRajeev, K; Nair, Sandhya K; Parameswaran, K; Raju, C SureshIJMS Vol.33(1) [March 2004]11-29
Spectral dependence of the relationship between backscattering and extinction coefficients. in turbid atmospheres with application to lidar signal inversionParameswaran, K; Rose, K OIJRSP Vol.22(3) [June 1993]165-179
Thin aerosol clouds at tropopause levelMurthy, B V Krishna; Nayar, S R Prabhakaran; Revathy, K; Satheesan, K; Parameswaran, K; Nair, Prabha R; Murthy, K Krishna; Rao, P B; Bhavanikumar, Y; Raghunath, K; Sivakumar, V; Krishniah, MIJRSP Vol.29(4) [August 2000]245-248