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Activity of glutathione related enzymes and ovarian steroid hormones in different sizes of follicles from goat and sheep ovary of different reproductive stagesSesh, P S L; Singh, Dheer; Sharma, M K; Pandey, R SIJEB Vol.39(11) [November 2001]1156-1159
Analytical study of whistler mode instability with parallel AC field by Lorentzian KappaPandey, R S; Pandey, R P; Srivastav, A K; Dubey, KiranIJRSP Vol.34(2) [April 2005]98-105
Applicability of Van't Hoff equation in calculation of impurities in liquid crystalline materialsDhar, Ravindra; Pandey, R S; Srivastava, S LIJPAP Vol.40(01) [January 2002]42-45
Biochemical and hormonal characterization of follicles from follicular and luteal phase ovaries of goat and sheepSingh, Dheer; Sharma, M K; Pandey, R SIJEB Vol.37(05) [May 1999]434-438
Culture of Enteromorpha flexuosa (Wulf.) J.Ag.(Chlorophyceae) in outdoor poolMairh, O P; Pandey, R S; Tewari, AIJMS Vol.15(4) [December 1986]212-218
Generation of electrostatics ion-cyclotron wave by parallel flow velocity shear in the presence of inhomogeneous electric field in an anisotropic magneto-plasmaPandey, R S; Misra, K D; Tripathi, A KIJRSP Vol.32(2) [April 2003]75-82
Semecarpus anacardium L, nuts inhibit lipopolysaccharide induced NO production in rat macrophages along with its hypolipidemic propertyTripathi, Y B; Pandey, R SIJEB Vol.42(04) [April 2004]432-436
Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in an anisotropic magneto-plasma in the presence of inhomogeneous perpendicular electric field and parallel flow velocity shearPandey, R S; Misra, K D; Tripathi, A KIJRSP Vol.30(3) [June 2001]113-120
Oblique electrostatic ion-cyclotron instability in auroral magnetosphere in the presence of electric fieldMisra, K D; Pandey, R SIJRSP Vol.26(5) [October 1997]286-292
Optical and thermodynamic studies of binary mixtures of nematic liquid crystals from homologous members of alkyloxybenzoic acidDhar, Ravindra; Pandey, R S; Agrawal, V KIJPAP Vol.40(12) [December 2002]901-907