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2-Thioorotic Acid as a New Spectrophotometric Reagent for Estimation of Nickel(II)Shrivastava, (Miss) Madhulika; Pandey, G SIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]357-358
Application of alum plant waste liquor in treatment of alkaline waste watersShivhare, R L; Pandey, G SIJCT Vol.03(5) [September 1996]289-291
Bioprecipitation of some toxic metal ions by sewage bacteriaShukla, Namrata; Pandey, G SIJCT Vol.01(5) [September 1994]308-310
Complexes of La(III), Pr(III), Nd(III), Sm(III) & Tb(III) with 2-Thioorotic AcidShrivastava, Madhulika; Pandey, G SIJC-A Vol.27A(05) [May 1988]447-448
Deposition of a few toxic metal ions under induced EMF using blast furnace granulated slagLoomba, Komal; Pandey, G SIJCT Vol.02(2) [March 1995]104-106
Fighting cancer in the information age: The role of InternetPal, Sanjoy Kumar; Pandey, G S; Kesari, A; Choudhuri, G; Mittal, BalrajIJEB Vol.41(03) [March 2003]189-200
Mercury spillage through smoke-stakes of an integrated steel plant: Effects on soil and ground waterPervez, Shamsh; Pandey, G SIJCT Vol.04(1) [January 1997]49-52
Removal of alkyl lead using blast furnace granulated slagLoomba, Komal; Pandey, G SIJCT Vol.01(2) [March 1994]121-123
A study on the occurrence of heavy metals in the suspended particulate matter in an arc welding workshopQuraishi, Yasmeen F; Pandey, G SIJCT Vol.02(6) [November 1995]345-346
Telemedicine: E-Health and Hospital of the FuturePal, Sanjoy Kumar; Pandey, G S; Kesari, Akanchha; Choudhuri, G; Mittal, BalrajJSIR Vol.61(06) [June 2002]414-422