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Alkyl Nitrites as Nitrosylating AgentsPandey, D S; Khan, M I; Agarwala, U CIJC-A Vol.26A(07) [July 1987]570-573
Reaction of 1-ethynylpyrene with cyclopentadienylruthenium complexesMishra, A; Pandey, D S; Mishra, K; Agarwala, U CIJC-A Vol.29A(03) [March 1990]251-254
Reactions of [RuH(CO)Cl(PPh3)3] with imidazole, 2-methylimidazole, 2-ethylimidazole and pyrazolePandey, D S; Pandeya, K B; Tripathi, I PIJC-A Vol.33A(04) [April 1994]354-356
Reactivity of [Ru(η5-(C5H5)C1L2] {L2= (PPh3)2, (AsPh3)2, (SbPh3)2, PPh2-(CH2)2-PPh2 & (PPh2)2-CH2} with p-phenylenebis(picolinealdamine): Synthesis and spectral properties of [{Ru(η5-(C5H5)(L2)}PBP]2+Pandey, D S; Mishra, R L; Agarwala, U CIJC-A Vol.30A(01) [January 1991]41-44
Synthesis and characterization of [Ru(η6-C6Me6)CI2(ppz)] and [CI26- C6Me6)Ru-(- μ-ppz)-Ru(η6-C6Me6)CI2] and their reactions with EPh3 (E = P, As and Sb)Gupta, D K; Sahay, A N; Pandey, D SIJC-A Vol.38A(02) [February 1999]190-193
Synthesis and characterization of [Ru(η6-C6Me6)Cl2 (CNPy)] and [Cl26-C6Me6)Ru-(µ-CNPy)-Ru(η6-C6Me6)Cl2] and reactivity of [Ru(η6-C6Me6)Cl2(CNPy)] with various basesPandey, D S; Sahay, A N; Agarwala, U CIJC-A Vol.35A(05) [May 1996]434-437
Synthesis and characterization of [{Ru (h6-C6Me6)Ch2}2 (µ- DCBT)] and its reaction with EPh3 (E = P, As, Sb), 2,2'-bipyridine and 1,10' -phenanthrolinePathak, Satyajit; Gupta, D K; Sahay, A N; Pandey, D SIJC-A Vol.37A(02) [February 1998]165-168
Synthesis and characterization of Ru(II) arene complexes, [Ru(η6-arene)(dppm)H]+6-arene=benzene, p-cymene or hexamethylbenzene), [Ru(η6-arene)(py)3]2+ and [Ru(η6-arene)(py)2Cl]+Sisodiya, O S; Sahay, AN; Pandey, D SIJC-A Vol.39A(04) [April 2000]453-456
Synthetic and structural studies of some pyrazine bridged Ru(II) complexesPandey, D S; Sahay, A N; Sisodiya, Om Singh; Gupta, D K; Agarwala, U CIJC-A Vol.37A(01) [January 1998]63-66