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Biosorption of Cr(VI) from plating effluent using marine algal massThirunavukkarasu, E; Palanivelu, KIJBT Vol.6(3) [July 2007]359-364
Electrochemical degradation of resorcinol using mixed oxide coated titanium electrode for wastewater treatment — A kinetic studyRajkumar, D; Palanivelu, K; Mohan, NIJCT Vol.10(4) [July 2003]396-401
Nitrate removal from groundwater using electrolytic reduction methodPrasad, P K Raghu; Priya, M Nisha; Palanivelu, KIJCT Vol.12(2) [March 2005]164-169
Pervaporative recovery of perchloroethylene from spent solvent of electroplating industry: Experiment and modelling studiesKumar, N Senthil; Palanivelu, KJSIR Vol.66(6) [June 2007]490-494
Recovery of acetic acid by supported liquid membrane using vegetable oils as liquid membraneNarayanan, Janani; Palanivelu, KIJCT Vol.15(3) (May 2008)266-270
Removal and recovery of lead from aqueous solution using supported liquid membraneAnupama, R; Palanivelu, KIJCT Vol.12(4) [July 2005]436-440
Removal and recovery of low salt dye golden yellow LS by liquid-liquid extractionMuthuraman, G; Palanivelu, KIJCT Vol.11(2) [March 2004]166-169
Removal of total dissolved solids with simultaneous recovery of acid and alkali using bipolar membrane electrodialysis–Application to RO reject of textile effluentPriya, M Nisha; Palanivelu, KIJCT Vol.13(3) [May 2006]262-268
Solidification / Stabilization of Hazardous Arsenic Waste from a Fertilizer PlantKumaravel, T S; Palanivelu, KJSIR Vol.59(06) [June 2000]477-481
Sonochemical degradation of p-chlorophenol in aqueous solution using hypervalent ironDorathi R, Praveena Juliya; Palanivelu, KIJCT Vol.17(2) [March 2010]111-119
Sonochemical degradation of organic dyes using sulphate radicals activated by immobilized ironVidhyalakshmi, C; Raji, R Jeevitha; Palanivelu, KIJCT Vol.21(4) [July 2014]280-284
Speciation of chromium in aqueous samples by solid phase extraction using multiwall carbon nanotubes impregnated with D2EHPAVellaichamy, S; Palanivelu, KIJC-A Vol.49A(07) [July 2010]882-890
Transport of textile anionic dyes using cationic carrier by bulk liquid membraneMuthuraman, G; Palanivelu, KJSIR Vol.64(07) [July 2005]529-533