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Analgesic and anticonvulsant effects of saponin isolated from the leaves of Clerodendrum infortunatum Linn. in micePal, Dilipkumar; Sannigrahi, Santanu; Mazumder, Upal KantiIJEB Vol.47(09) [September 2009]743-747
Effect of Delonix regia (Boj. Ex Hook.) Raf. stem bark extract against experimentally induced ulcers in ratsSachan, Neetu; Chandra, Phool; Pal, DilipkumarIJEB Vol.55(01) [January 2017]49-54
Evaluation of hematological and hepatorenal functions of methanolic extract of Moringa oleifera Lam. root treated miceMazumder, Upal Kanti; Gupta, Malaya; Chakrabarti, Sumit; Pal, DilipkumarIJEB Vol.37(06) [June 1999]612-614
Hydroxyacetamide derivatives: Cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, antioxidative and metal chelating studiesSaha, Supriyo; Pal, Dilipkumar; Kumar, SushilIJEB Vol.55(12) [December 2017]831-837
Investigation on crosslinking density for development of novel interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) based formulationBanerjee, Subham; Chaurasia, Gaurav; Pal, Dilipkumar; Ghosh, Ashoke Kumar; Ghosh, Animesh; Kaity, SantanuJSIR Vol.69(10) [October 2010]777-784
Ionotropically-gelled mucoadhesive beads for oral metformin HCl delivery: Formulation, optimization and antidiabetic evaluationNayak, Amit Kumar; Pal, DilipkumarJSIR Vol.72(01) [January 2013]15-22
Isolation of compound and CNS depressant activities of Mikania scandens Willd with special emphasis to brain biogenic amines in micePal, Dilipkumar; Mazumder, Upal KantiIJEB Vol.52(12) [December 2014]1186-1194