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Determination of system frequencies in mechanical systems during shutdown transientAmezquita-Sanchez, J P; Cabal-Yepez, E; Romero-Troncoso, R J; Osornio-Rios, R A; Garcia-Perez, AJSIR Vol.69(06) [June 2010]415-421
FPGA Lead-lag Compensator Design for Industrial Control SystemsOsornio-Rios, R AJSIR Vol.76(11) [November 2017]733-736
High Rate Report Synchrophasor Technique during Dynamic ConditionsRodriguez-Guerrero, M; Carranza, R; Romero-Troncoso, R; Osornio-Rios, R AJSIR Vol.79(02) [February 2020]139–143
Identification of Positioning System for Industrial Applications using Neural NetworkOsornio-Rios, R AJSIR Vol.76(03) [March 2017]141-144
Industrial Process Condition Forecasting Methodology based on Neo-Fuzzy Neuron and Self-Organizing MapsZurita, D; Delgado-Prieto, M; Cariño, J A; Clerc, G; Ortega, J A; Razik, H; Osornio-Rios, R AJSIR Vol.78(08) [August 2019]504-508
Low-Cost Thermographic Analysis for Bearing Fault Detection on Induction MotorsNunez, J A R; Velazquez, L M; Hernandez, L A M; Troncoso, R J R; Osornio-Rios, R AJSIR Vol.75(07) [July 2016]412-415
Methodology for Overheating Identification on Induction Motors under Voltage Unbalance Conditions in Industrial ProcessesGonzalez-Cordoba, J L; Granados-Lieberman, D; Osornio-Rios, R A; Romero-Troncoso, R J; Santiago-Pérez, J J De; Valtierra-Rodriguez, MJSIR Vol.75(02) [February 2016]100-107
Model-based iterative feedback tuning for industrial PID controllersMilosawlewitsch-Aliaga, M; Osornio-Rios, R A; Romero-Troncoso, R JJSIR Vol.69(12) [December 2010]930-936
Novel Method for Wind Turbines Blades Damage Classification using Image ProcessingGarduño-Ramón, M A; Resendiz-Ochoa, E; Morales-Hernandez, L A; Osornio-Rios, R AJSIR Vol.80(01) [January 2021]75-79
A Novel Methodology for Power Quality Disturbances Detection and Classification in Industrial FacilitiesSolis-Munoz, F J; Elvira-Ortiz, D A; Jaen-Cuellar, A Y; Romero-Troncoso, R J; Osornio-Rios, R AJSIR Vol.79(09) [September 2020]819-823
Photovoltaic Power Generation Estimation Using Statistical Features and Artificial Neural NetworksElvira-Ortiz, D A; Morinigo-Sotelo, D; Romero-Troncoso, R J; Osornio-Rios, R AJSIR Vol.78(04) [April 2019]212-215
Real-time high-resolution frequency estimation of electric signals in industrial applicationsRomero-Troncoso, R J; Cabal-Yepez, E; Garcia-Perez, A; Osornio-Rios, R A; Granados-Lieberman, DJSIR Vol.70(05) [May 2011]327-331
Tool-Wear Estimation in Cnc Machine Based On Fusion Vibration-Current and Neural NetworkTrejo-Hernandez, M; Osornio-Rios, R AJSIR Vol.77(12) [December 2018]688-691
Voltage drop repercussions in industrial processes due to the interaction of several machines in a manufacturing cellGranados-Lieberman, D; Romero-Troncoso, R J; Osornio-Rios, R AJSIR Vol.72(12) [December 2013]746-753