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Acoustic properties of substituted thiadiazoles and methyl-5-carboxylates in dioxan-water, ethanol-water and acetonewater mixtures at 298.5±0.1 KAgrawal, Pratibha B; Mohd Siddique, Mohd Idrees; Narwade, M LIJC-A Vol.42A(05) [May 2003]1050-1052
Acoustical study of substituted azoles in N, N -dimethylformamide at different temperaturesGulwade, Deepali P; Narwade, M L; Wadhal, S AIJC-A Vol.44A(06) [June 2005]1183-1185
Studies on acoustic properties of some substituted pyrazole, isoxazole and pyrazoline in dioxane at 303 KIkhe, Shashikant A; Rajput, P R; Narwade, M LIJC-A Vol.44A(12) [December 2005]2495-2497
Ultrasonic and viscometric studies of substituted flavone, isoxazole and pyrazole in 70% acetone-water mixtureAgrawal, Pratibha B; Narwade, M LIJC-A Vol.42A(05) [May 2003]1047-1049
Ultrasonic behaviour and study of molecular interactions of substituted azole in N,N-dimethylformamide at different temperatures and concentrationsGulwade, Deepali P; Narwade, M L; Wadodkar, K NIJC-A Vol.43A(10) [October 2004]2102-2104
Ultrasonic studies of Schiffs base and substituted-2-azetidinones in CCl4-water, ethanol-water and acetone-water mixtures at 298.5±0.1 KMohd. Siddique, Mohd. Idrees; Agrawal, Pratibha B; Doshi, A G; Raut, A W; Narwade, M LIJC-A Vol.42A(03) [March 2003]526-530
Ultrasonic studies of substituted isoxazoles and pyrazolines in dioxane and dioxane-water mixtures at different temperaturesIkhe, Shashikant A; Narwade, M LIJC-A Vol.44A(06) [June 2005]1203-1205