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Conformational behavior of phenylglycines and hydroxyphenylglycines and non-planarity of phenyl ringsNandel, Fateh S; Shafique, MohdIJBB Vol.51(5) [October 2014]350-357
Conformational study of N-methylated alanine peptides and design of A inhibitorNandel, Fateh S; Jaswal, Radhika RIJBB Vol.51(1) [February 2014]7-18
Conformational study of peptides containing dehydrophenylalanine Helical structures without hydrogen bondNandel, Fateh S; Kaur, Harpreet; Malik, Nandita; Shankar, Neelaabh; Jain, Dharam V SIJBB Vol.38(6) [December 2001]417-425
Designing of peptides with left handed helical structure by incorporating the unusual amino acidsNandel, Fateh S; Malik, Nandita; Virdi, Manju; Singh, BalvinderIJBB Vol.36(3) [June 1999]195-203
Effect of terminal achiral and chiral residues on the conformational behaviour of poly ΔZPhe and analysis of various interactionsNandel, Fateh S; Kaur, HarpreetIJBB Vol.40(4) [August 2003]265-273
Electronic Spectra of Fluorobenzoic AcidsJain, Dharam V S; Nandel, Fateh S; Singla, (Mrs) PremIJC-A Vol.23A(07) [July 1984]546-550
Experimental & Theoretical Studies on Electronic Spectra of o-, m- & p- Amino Benzoic Acids & Their Protonated & Deprotonated SpeciesJain, Dharam V S; Nandel, Fateh S; Singla, Prem; Kaur, Daman JitIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]15-19
Interaction of Hydrocyanic Acid & Acetonitrile with Sulphur Trioxide: A Theoretical ApproachNandel, Fateh S; Jain, Dharam V SIJC-A Vol.25A(06) [June 1986]571-573
Molecular Complexes of Benzene & Hexafluorobenzene with Carbon Dioxide & Carbon Disulphide: A Theoretical StudyNandel, Fateh S; Jain, Dharam V SIJC-A Vol.23A(07) [July 1984]543-545
Oxidation state of iron in [Fe(CN)6SO3]4-Nandel, Fateh S; Jain, Dharam V SIJC-A Vol.32A(04) [April 1993]323-325
Modeling, design, chiral aspects and role of para-substituents in aryloxypropranolamine based -blockers Nandel, Fateh S; Dhaliwal, Ramanpreet K; Singh, BalvinderIJBB Vol.36(1) [February 1999]29-35
Theoretical & Experimental Studies on Electronic Spectra of Isomeric NitrophenolsJain, Dharam V S; Nandel, Fateh S; Singla, (Mrs) Prem LIJC-A Vol.23A(06) [June 1984]451-454