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Chrome Tanning: State-of-Art on the Material Composition and CharacterizationChandrasekaran, B; Rao, Raghava J; Sreeram, K J; Nair, Balachandran Unni; Ramasami, TJSIR Vol.58(01) [January 1999]1-10
Chromium(III) mediated conformational changes associated with alterations in the enzymatic activity of BSA: Influence of the coordinated ligandRaja, Natesasn Sella; Shrivastava, H Yamini; Nair, Balachandran UnniIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]531-538
DNA binding and cleavage activity of a structurally characterized oxobridged diiron(III) complexBiswas, Bhaskar; Mitra, Merry; Pal, Abhijit; Basu, Anirban; Rajalakshmi, Subramaniyam; Mitra, Partha; Aliaga-Alcalde, Nuria; Kumar, Gopinatha Suresh; Nair, Balachandran Unni; Ghosh, RajarshiIJC-A Vol.52A(12) [December 2013]1576-1583
Effect of Nature of Alkali on the Zeta Potential, Colour and Particle Size of Chromium(III) HydroxideSreeram, K J; Rao, J Raghava; Nair, Balachandran Unni; Ramasami, TJSIR Vol.59(07) [July 2000]569-574
Effect of water continuum on the interaction energy of DNA base- pairs: A Hartree-Fock self-consistent reaction field studySivanesan, D; Subramanian, V; Nair, Balachandran Unni; Ramasami, TIJC-A Vol.39A(01-03) [January-March 2000]132-138
Synthesis and characterization of manganese(III) complex of a long chain schiff base ligandRajan, Ramalingam; Nair, Balachandran UnniIJC-A Vol.35A(03) [March 1996]233-235
Upgradation of leathers: Masking defects using pigments in pre-finishing processesAravindhan, R; Madhan, B; Thanikaivelan, P; Kanth, Swarna V; Rao, J Raghava; Gnanasekaran, C S; Nair, Balachandran UnniJSIR Vol.67(3) [March 2008]233-238