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Characteristics of Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances over ThumbaNagpal, O PIJRSP Vol.06(3) [September 1977]180-183
Characteristics of tropospheric gravity waves by the Indian MST radar: ST mode operationNagpal, O P; Kumar, D Praveen; Dhaka, S KIJRSP Vol.23(1) [February 1994]6-11
A dynamical 2-D wind model for middle atmosphereKumar, Somesh; Nagpal, O PIJRSP Vol.18(4) [August 1989]150-156
Dynamical Processes in the Tropical Middle AtmosphereNagpal, O PIJRSP Vol.17(6) [December 1988]232-251
Effect of Dissipation & Diffusion on the Propagation of Atmospheric Gravity Waves in ThermosphereNagpal, O PIJRSP Vol.05(2) [June 1976]145-151
Some Characteristics of Zonal Wind in the Middle Atmosphere Over IndiaKumar, Somesh; Nagpal, O PIJRSP Vol.16(6) [December 1987]390-400
Study of Large & Medium Scale Irregularities Using 140 MHz ATS-6 Faraday Rotation Records from Three StationsSingh, Lakha; Vijayakumar, P N; Garg, S C; Tyagi, T R; Bhardwai, R K; Dabas, R S; Nagpal, O P; Gupta, A SenIJRSP Vol.06(3) [September 1977]245-249
Study of Medium-scale Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances Using Multistation ATS-6 Faraday Rotation DataDeshpande, M R; Rastogi, R G; Sengupta, A; Nagpal, O P; Setty, C S G K; Jain, A R; Rai, R K; Janve, A V; Patwari, V M; Subbarao, B SIJRSP Vol.09(5) [October 1980]186-190
A study of wind velocity in lower troposphere using the Indian MST radarSingh, S; Kumar, K; Choudhary, R K; Mahajan, K K; Nagpal, O PIJRSP Vol.23(1) [February 1994]30-35
Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances & Their Possible Correlation with Jet Stream ActivityGupta, A Sen; Nagpal, O P; Setty, C S G KIJRSP Vol.06(3) [September 1977]257-260