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Characterization of water binding and germination traits of magnetically exposed maize (Zea mays L.) seeds equilibrated at different relative humidities at two temperaturesVashisth, Ananta; Nagarajan, ShanthaIJBB Vol.46(2) [April 2009]184-191
Characterization of water distribution and activities of enzymes during germination in magnetically-exposed maize (Zea mays L) seedsVashisth, Ananta; Nagarajan, ShanthaIJBB Vol.47(5) [October 2010]311-318
Evaluation of water binding, seed coat permeability and germination characteristics of wheat seeds equilibrated at different relative humiditiesChatterjee, Nabamita; Nagarajan, ShanthaIJBB Vol.43(4) [August 2006]233-238
In vivo qualitative changes of 31P NMR in stressed maize roots vis-a-vis carbon substrate determining the degree of stressNagarajan, Shantha; Dijkema, Cor; Van As, HenkIJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]477-482
Metabolic response of roots to osmotic stress in sensitive and tolerant cereals- Qualitative in vivo [31p] nuclear magnetic resonance study Nagarajan, Shantha; Dijkema, Cor; As, Henk VanIJBB Vol.38(3) [June 2001]149-152
Pre-treatment of seeds with static magnetic field ameliorates soil water stress in seedlings of maize (Zea mays L.)Anand, Anjali; Nagarajan, Shantha; Verma, A P S; Joshi, D K; Pathak, P C; Bhardwaj, JyotsnaIJBB Vol.49(1) [February 2012]63-70
Proton NMR transverse relaxation time and membrane stability in wheat leaves exposed to high temperature shockNagarajan, Shantha; Joshi, D K; Anand, Anjali; Verma, A P S; Pathak, P CIJBB Vol.42(2) [April 2005]122-126