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2-Morpholinoethanol Complexes of Cobalt(II), Nickel(II), Copper(II), Zinc(II), Cadmium(II) & Mercury (II)Muralidharan, S; Nagaraja, K S; Udupa, M RIJC-A Vol.26A(05) [May 1987]435-436
Amino Acid Complexes of Molybdenum(VI)Nagaraja, K S; Udupa, M RIJC-A Vol.22A(06) [June 1983]531-532
Chromium(III) complexes of amino acids with anion of glutathione or nicotinic acid as a co-ligandShanthi, R; Nagaraja, K S; Udupa, M RIJC-A Vol.29A(02) [February 1990]189-191
Complexes of Cobalt(III), Nickel(II) & Copper(II) with NicotineMuralidharan, S; Nagaraja, K S; Udupa, M RIJC-A Vol.26A(04) [April 1987]348-349
Ethylenediamine Monodithiocarbamate Complexes of MolybdenumNagaraja, K S; Udupa, M RIJC-A Vol.24A(09) [September 1985]786-787
Halo & Nitrato Complexes of Cobalt(II), Nickel(II) & Copper(II) with GlutamineShanthi, R; Nagaraja, K S; Udupa, M RIJC-A Vol.27A(08) [August 1988]737-738
Heterobi nuclear cobalt-oxomoI ybdenumthiocyanate complexes of dithiocarbamates or 8-quinolinolJames, S; Nagaraja, K SIJC-A Vol.42A(08) [August 2003]1900-1904
Heterobinuclear dithiocarbamate complexes of molybdenum. with nickel(II), silver(l) or vanadium(V)Nagaraja, K SIJC-A Vol.30A(08) [August 1991]701-705
Heterobinuclear manganese-molybdenum and mercury-molybdenum complexes of dithiocarbamatesVenkataraman, T; Nagaraja, K SIJC-A Vol.35A(04) [April 1996]300-303
Molybdenum(V) complexes of dithiocarbonates derived from glucose, sucrose and triphenylmethylcarbinolMohandoss, K; Nagaraja, K SIJC-A Vol.39A(10) [October 2000]1083-1086
Nicotine Complexes of Zinc(II) Cadmium(II) & Mercury(II)Muralidharan, S; Udupa, M R; Nagaraja, K SIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]76-77
Oxohalobis(oxinato)molybdenum(V) ComplexesRaj, D Joshwa Anthony; Nagaraja, K S; Udupa, M RIJC-A Vol.24A(10) [October 1985]869-870
Preparation & Characterization of Mononuclear Oxohalomolybdenum(V) ComplexesVasanthi, S; Nagaraja, K SIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]70-71
Removal of Methylene Blue from aqueous solution by activated carbon of Vigna mungo L and Paspalum scrobiculatum: Equilibrium, kinetics and thermodynamic studies.Valliammai, S; Subbareddy, Y; Nagaraja, K S; Jeyaraj, BIJCT Vol.24(2) [March 2017]134-144
Spectrophotometric determination of hydroxylamine and its derivatives in drug formulation using methyl redGeorge, Mary; Balasubramanian, N; Nagaraja, K SIJCT Vol.14(4) [July 2007]412-416
Spectrophotometric determination of hydroxylamine and its derivatives in drug formulations by the indophenol reactionDeepa, B; Nagaraja, K S; Balasubramanian, NIJC-A Vol.45A(04) [April 2006]913-916
Synthesis and characterization of copper(I) tetrathiomolybdatesLakshmanan, Vasanthi; Nagaraja, K S; Udupa, M RIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]772-774
Tetraoxomolybdato and tetraoxotungstato complexes of iron(II) diiminesLakshmanan, Vasanthi; Nagaraja, K S; Udupa, M RIJC-A Vol.31A(11) [November 1992]896-897