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2-Morpholinoethanol Complexes of Cobalt(II), Nickel(II), Copper(II), Zinc(II), Cadmium(II) & Mercury (II)Muralidharan, S; Nagaraja, K S; Udupa, M RIJC-A Vol.26A(05) [May 1987]435-436
Complexes of Cobalt(III), Nickel(II) & Copper(II) with NicotineMuralidharan, S; Nagaraja, K S; Udupa, M RIJC-A Vol.26A(04) [April 1987]348-349
Influence of anions on corrosion inhibition and hydrogen permeation through mild steel in acidic solutions in the presence of p-tolyl thioureaMuralidharan, S; Madhavan, K; Karthikeyan, S; Iyer, S VenkatakrishnaIJCT Vol.09(1) [January 2002]68-73
Influence of anions on the performance of anisidines as inhibitors for the corrosion of mild steel in acidic solutionsRengamani, S; Muralidharan, S; Ganesan, M; Iyer, S VenkatakrishnaIJCT Vol.01(3) [May 1994]168-174
Microbiologically influenced corrosion in petroleum product pipelines - A reviewMuthukumar, N; Rajasekar, A; Ponmariappan, S; Mohanan, S; Maruthamuthu, S; Muralidharan, S; Subramanian, P; Palaniswamy, N; Raghavan, MIJEB Vol.41(09) [September 2003]1012-1022
Nicotine Complexes of Zinc(II) Cadmium(II) & Mercury(II)Muralidharan, S; Udupa, M R; Nagaraja, K SIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]76-77
Liquid-free alkaline gel filled reference electrode based on Cr2O3 spheresMaruthapandian, V; Muralidharan, S; Saraswathy, VIJC-A Vol.54A(10) [October 2015]1215-1220
Synergistic influence of iodide ions on the inhibition of corrosion of mild steel in sulphuric acid by cyclohexylamineMuralidharan, S; Azim, S Syed; Iyer, S VenkatakrishnaIJCT Vol.05(3) [May 1998]167-171