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Effect of orientation on the wake of a square cylinder at low Reynolds numbersDutta, Sushanta; Panigrahi, P K; Muralidhar, KIJEMS Vol.11(6) [December 2004]447-459
Effect of Radiation Losses in the Growth of Optical Crystals by the Czochralski ProcessBhardwaj, Rajneesh; Banerjee, Jyotirmay; Muralidhar, KJSIR Vol.62(12) [December 2003]1164-1175
Equilibrium denaturation of buffalo pituitary growth hormoneMaithal, Kapil; Krishnamurty, H G; Muralidhar, KIJBB Vol.38(6) [December 2001]368-374
Mass spectrometry and protein structureMaithal, Kapil; Muralidhar, KIJBB Vol.39(4) [August 2002]205-216
Role of apoptosis in photodynamic sensitivity of human tumour cell linesGupta, Seema; Dwarakanath, B S; Muralidhar, K; Jain, VineyIJEB Vol.41(01) [January 2003]33-40
Simulation and experimental verification of solutal convection in the initial stages of crystal growth from an aqueous solutionVerma, Sunil; Srivastava, Atul; Prabhakar, Vivek; Muralidhar, K; Wadhawan, V KIJPAP Vol.43(01) [January 2005]24-33
Physico-chemical characterization of growth hormone from water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) Maithal, Kapil; Krishnamurty, H G; Muralidhar, KIJBB Vol.38(6) [December 2001]375-383
Convection in differentially heated superposed air-water layersPunjabi, Sunil; Sethia, Anamika; Muralidhar, KIJEMS Vol.09(6) [December 2002]455-463
Thermal Modeling of Crystal Growth by the Czochralski Method Including Radius ControlKumar, Amit; Banerjee, Jyotirmay; Muralidhar, KJSIR Vol.61(08) [August 2002]607-616