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Characteristics of dref-3 yams with jute in coreMukherjee, S; Majumdar, P KIJFTR Vol.29(4) [December 2004]436-439
Comparative Performance of Open-end Spun Yarn and Ring-spun Yarn In Single Jersey Weft-knitted Hosiery FabricMukherjee, S; Chindalia, S C; Dayal, B L; Goyal, A KIJFTR Vol.08(4) [December 1983]121-124
Control of a robotic manipulator- A model following approachMukherjee, S; Sengupta, S NIJEMS Vol.01(2) [April 1994]70-76
Demonstration of the potential of Hibiscus cannabinus Linn. flowers to manage oxidative stress, bone related disorders and free-radical induced DNA damageMukherjee, S; Jagtap, S D; Kuvalekar, A A; Kale, Y B; Kulkarni, O P; Harsulkar, A M; Pawar, P KIJNPR Vol.1(3) [September 2010]322-327
Development of Specialty Papers is an Art: Electrical Insulation Paper from Indigenous Raw Materials — Part IXDutt, Dharm; Singh, Vikram; Ray, A K; Mukherjee, SJSIR Vol.62(12) [December 2003]1145-1151
Effect of Different Weaves and Setts on Desirable and Functional Characteristics of Towelling FabricsBhargava, G S; Mukherjee, S; Chatterjee, SIJFTR Vol.06(4) [December 1981]139-146
Excited state intramolecular proton transfer in salicylidine -3,4,7-methyl amine: Spectroscopic and theoretical investigationsMukhopadhyay, M; Banerjee, D; Koll, A; Filarowski, A; Guha, D; Mukherjee, SIJC-A Vol.45A(08) [August 2006]1796-1803
Fluorescence Quenching of Some Isomeric Xylenols in SolutionsRoy, R; Mukherjee, SIJC-A Vol.25A(10) [October 1986]891-894
Fluorescence quenching of tryptophan, 4-methyl- 2,6-diformylphenol and 5-hydroxytetracycline by ethylene trithiocarbonate at high pHRay, R; Mukherjee, SIJC-A Vol.29A(05) [May 1990]418-421
Fluorescence studies on luminol in water-organic solvent mixturesGuha, D; Das, R; Mitra, S; Mukherjee, SIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]307-312
Ground and excited state interaction between luminol and ethylene trithiocarbonate: A fluorescence quenching studyBanerjee, D; Mandal, A; Mukherjee, SIJC-A Vol.41A(12) [December 2002]2456-2461
Luminol fluorescence quenching by triethyl amine and non-linear Stern-Volmer plot : Solvent effectGuha, D; Mitra, S; Das, R; Mukherjee, SIJC-A Vol.38A(08) [August 1999]760-767
Prebiotics—Clinical relevanceChowdhury, S; Das, Shreya; Bhattacharjee, Dipanwita; Saha, P K; Mukherjee, S; Bhattacharyya, B KIJNPR Vol.6(2) [June 2015]91-97
Quenching of excited states of oxytetracycline and phenol by amino acids: An intermolecular proton donor-acceptor interactionRoy, R; Mukherjee, SIJC-A Vol.28A(07) [July 1989]545-549
Solvent effects on the ground and excited states proton transfer in 4-methyl- 2, 6-diformylphenol: Aprotic solventsRoy, R; Mukherjee, SIJC-A Vol.32A(01) [January 1993]20-24
Spectroscopic properties and fluorescence quenching of luminol in aqueous mediumBhattacharjee, U; Mitra, S; Das, R; Mukherjee, SIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]633-638
Spectroscopic properties of 2-hydroxypyridine and excited state anion formationWill, G; Waghorne, E; Fitzmaurice, D; Guha, D; Mondal, A; Mukherjee, SIJC-A Vol.38A(08) [August 1999]753-759
Spectroscopic studies on the interaction between methyl glyoxal and ascorbic acid: Some experimental and theoretical aspectsBanerjee, D; Koll, A; Filarowski, A; Bhattacharyya, S P; Mukherjee, SIJC-A Vol.44A(03) [March 2005]451-455
Storm-time disturbance field and the computed equatorial Dst index.Mukherjee, S; Alex, S; Rangarajan, G KIJRSP Vol.27(2) [April 1998]76-81
Strengthening of the intramolecular O... H... N hydrogen bond in 2-(N-benzyl-α-iminoethyl)-naphthol as a result of steric repulsionMandal, A; Koll, A; Filarowski, A; Mukherjee, SIJC-A Vol.41A(06) [June 2002]1107-1111