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Age hardening behaviour of 2014 Al alloy-SiC composites: Effect of porosity and strontium additionBadkul, Anshul; Jha, Nidhi; Mondal, D P; Das, S; Yadav, M SIJEMS Vol.18(1) [February 2011]79-85
Closed Cell Aluminium Composite Foam for Crashworthiness ApplicationsMondal, D P; Venkat, A N Ch; Saxena, SanjeevAIR Vol.01(1) [March 2019]48-51
Corrosion behaviour of AA2014 aluminium alloy-cenospheres syntactic foam in 3.5% NaCl solutionSingh, I B; Mondal, D P; Singh, M; Bhadkul, Anshul; Jha, NidhiIJCT Vol.21(3) [May 2014]168-175
Development of mathematical model for prediction of abrasive wear behaviour in agricultural grade medium carbon steelSingh, Dushyant; Saha, K P; Mondal, D PIJEMS Vol.18(2) [April 2011]125-136
Effect of quenching and tempering processes and shot peening intensity on wear behaviour of SAE-6150 steelSingh, Dushyant; Mondal, D PIJEMS Vol.21(2) [April 2014]168-178
Effect of Space Holder Size on Microstructure, Deformation and Corrosion Response of Ti4Al4Co (wt%) Alloy FoamSingh, Pradeep; Abhash, Amit; Nair, Prashant; Khare, Anup; Singh, I B; Mondal, D PAIR Vol.01(1) [March 2019]41-47
FEM modeling of compressive deformation behaviour of aluminum cenosphere syntactic foam (ACSF) under constrained conditionKhedle, Raghvendra; Mondal, D P; Verma, S N; Panthi, SanjayIJEMS Vol.19(2) [April 2012]135-143
High stress abrasive wear behaviour of shot peened AA2014 Al-alloyMondal, D P; Vinod, E M; Das, S; Rao, T S V CIJEMS Vol.15(1) [February 2008]41-50
Low stress abrasive wear response of boron steel under three body abrasion: Effect of heat treatment and peening intensitiesSingh, Dushyant; Mondal, D P; Modi, O P; Sethi, V KIJEMS Vol.17(3) [June 2010]208-218