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Bio-active conjugates of curcumin having ester, peptide, thiol and disulfide linksKapoor, Neha; Narain, Upma; Misra, KrishnaJSIR Vol.66(8) [August 2007]647-650
Covalent labelling at 5'-end of synthetic oligonucleotides by one step generation of alkylamino groupDubey, Krishna K; Singh, Yashveer; Kumar, Sanjay; Singh, Ramendra K; Misra, KrishnaIJC-B Vol.41B(06) [June 2002]1246-1250
Design, development and synthesis of a novel labeled PNA monomer incorporated in DNA-hexamer to act as a hybridization probe by FRETShukla, Vibha; Mishra, Satyendra; Watal, Geeta; Misra, KrishnaIJC-B Vol.44B(01) [January 2005]121-129
Design, synthesis and characterisation of a novel anticancer prodrug having antiproliferative activity against prostrate tumourMishra, Satyendra; Tripathi, Snehlata; Mishra, Roli; Misra, KrishnaIJC-B Vol.44B(12) December 2005]2582-2588
Immunostimulation: The Sense in Antisense TechnologyPandey, Archana; Mishra, Satyendra; Misra, KrishnaIJBT Vol.02(2) [April 2003]175-183
New Curcumin - Bioconjugate: Synthesis and DNA BindingKumar, Sanjay; Shukla, Vibha; Misra, Arvind; Tripathi, Snehlata; Misra, KrishnaIJBT Vol.01(2) [April 2002]158-163
New versatile halogenating reagents for hydroxy groupsKumar, Sanjay; Dubey, Krishna K; Singh, Yashveer; Misra, KrishnaIJC-B Vol.40B(09) [September 2001]842-845
Photolabile groups for exocyclic amino and O6/N-1 lactam protection in oligonucleotide synthesisMisra, Arvind; Tripathi, Snehlata; Misra, KrishnaIJC-B Vol.41B(07) [July 2002]1454-1459
Ribozymes-A New Approach for Modulating Gene ExpressionSingh, Yashveer; Misra, Arvind; Tripathi, Snehlata; Misra, KrishnaJSIR Vol.61(10) [October 2002]775-785
Site directed drug delivery by non-viral modeDubey, Shiv Kumar; Pandey, Archana; Mishra, Roli; Kapoor, Neha; Tiwari, Alka; Misra, KrishnaIJBT Vol.6(2) [April 2007]159-174
Some novel fluorescent azo compounds as intercalators for calf thymus DNATripathi, Snehlata; Mohan, Mukta; Pandey, Rajendra K; Misra, KrishnaIJC-B Vol.38B(03) [March 1999]317-324
Role of tetracycline and cAMP analogues in pancreatic β stem cell differentiation/proliferation process via modulation of epac2 proteinTripathi, Anushree; Misra, KrishnaIJBT Vol.14(2) [April 2015]172-178
Syntheses, characterisation and fluorescence study of some novel naphthalimide derivativesSingh, Yashveer; Misra, Arvind; Misra, KrishnaIJC-B Vol.41B(06) [June 2002]1238-1245
Targeted drug delivery (Site specific drug delivery)Pandey, Archana; Mishra, Satyendra; Tiwari, Alka; Misra, KrishnaJSIR Vol.63(03) [March 2004]230-247