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Application of magnetic fluids in medicine and biotechnologyRamchand, C N; Pande, Priyadarshini; Kopcansky, Peter; Mehta, R VIJPAP Vol.39(10) [October 2001]683-686
Effect of size distribution on ferrofluid configuration: A Monte Carlo simulationBhatt, Pragnya; Mehta, R V; Bhatnagar, S P; Upadhyay, R V; Srinivas, DIJEMS Vol.05(6) [December 1998]356-360
Fabrication of an a.c. susceptometer to study the magnetic susceptibility in some ferro/ferrimagnetic materials/fluidsJani, Kalpesh H; Upadhyay, R V; Mehta, R VIJEMS Vol.11(4) [August 2004]349-352
The first application of illuminated ferrofluid towards catalytic photoreduction of nitrogen by visible lightKhan, M M Taqui; Pant, R P; Rao, N N; Chatterjee, Debabrata; Mehta, R VIJC-A Vol.30A(05) [May 1991]391-392
A new technique for magnetite particle size reduction-Relevance to magnetic fluid preparationPant, R P; Rao, N N; Mehta, R V; Suri, D KIJEMS Vol.05(6) [December 1998]485-487
Particle size determination: Viscosity studyParekh, Kinnari; Upadhyay, R V; Mehta, R VIJEMS Vol.05(6) [December 1998]343-346
Rheology of transformer oil based ferrofluidsPatel, Rajesh; Upadhyay, Kinnari Parekh R V; Mehta, R VIJEMS Vol.11(4) [August 2004]301-304
Scattering characteristics of small particles in resonance region: Effect of shapeJoshi, J J; Shah, H S; Sharma, S K; Mehta, R VIJPAP Vol.40(06) [June 2002]421-429
Magneto-optical effects in ionic magnetic fluid of MnOFe2O3Bhagat, J B; Mehta, R V; Shah, H SIJPAP Vol.37(01) [January 1999]46-50
Synthesis and characterization of certain nanomagnetic particles coated with citrate and dextran moleculesMehta, R V; Desai, Rucha; Bhatt, Prashant; Upadhyay, R VIJPAP Vol.44(07) [July 2006]537-542
Synthesis and characterization of ionic ferrofluid and its composite filmsPant, R P; Mehta, R V; Suri, D KIJEMS Vol.05(6) [December 1998]482-484