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Corrosion inhibition of mild steel in sulphuric acid by n-octylamine and iodoacetic acidBegum, S Shabanna; Subramanian, R; Lakshminarayanan, V; Mayanna, S MIJCT Vol.08(6) [November 2001]463-468
Cyclic voltammetric study of biologically active metal ions with norfloxacinNanda, N; Tanu, M; Mayanna, S MIJCT Vol.06(6) [November 1999]325-328
Electrochemical behaviour of Zinc-ethanol amine complexesKumar, C Siva; Muralidharan, V S; Begum, S Shabanna; Mayanna, S MIJCT Vol.07(4) [July 2000]202-204
Hydrazine and substituted hydrazines as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in simulated seawaterSuresh, G S; Aravinda, C L; Ahamed, M F; Mayanna, S MIJCT Vol.06(6) [November 1999]301-304
Kinetic and mechanistic studies on the oxidation of D-cycloserine by sodium N-bromobenzenesulphonamide in hydrochloric acid mediumPuttaswamy; Mayanna, S MIJC-A Vol.38A(01) [January 1999]77-81
Oxidation of caffeine by sodium N-bromo-p-toluene sulphonamide in HelmediumPuttaswamy; Mayanna, S MIJMS Vol.26(1) [March 1997]225-227
Mechanism of oxidation of ethanolamines by sodium N-chloro-p-toluenesulphonamide in alkaline buffer medium: A kinetic studyMayanna, S M; Puttaswamy; Madhumathy, SIJC-A Vol.38A(06) [June 1999]547-552
Substituted and unsubstituted salicylaldehyde semicarbazones as cooling water corrosion inhibitorsMaruthi, B N; Mayanna, S MIJCT Vol.01(5) [September 1994]275-278
Tetrabutyl ammonium iodide, cetyl pyridinium bromide and cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in sulphuric acidSavithri, B V; Mayanna, S MIJCT Vol.03(5) [September 1996]256-258