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Computational studies and reactivity of nucleophiles in benzylation reactionsReddy, S Ranga; Kalyani, P; Rao, B Rajeswara; Manikyamba, PIJCA Vol.47A(1) [February 2008]236-239
Conductance and solvation behaviour of benzimidazolium dichromate in dimethyl sulphoxide-water mixtureRadhika, V; Manikyamba, PIJCA Vol.47A(12) [December 2008]1814-1817
Correlation analysis in the reactions of benzyl bromide with N-substituted anilinesReddy, S Ranga; Rao, B Rajeswara; Manikyamba, PIJCA Vol.46A(3) [March 2007]436-439
Effect of solvents and mode of solvation in the reaction between benzyl bromide and 2-mercaptobenzothiazoleManikyamba, PIJC-A Vol.35A(04) [April 1996]334-336
Effect of solvents and nucleophiles on the reactivity of allyl bromide — A kinetic studyReddy, S Ranga; Kalyani, P; Manikyamba, PIJC-A Vol.44A(09) [September 2005]1831-1833
Linear solvation energy relationship in the reaction between phenacyl bromide and N-methyl anilineRamesh, B; Bharathi, D Vijaya; Kavitha, B; Manikyamba, PIJC-A Vol.48A(06) [June 2009]801-805
LSER and LFER in the reaction of benzimidazole with benzyl bromideReddy, S Ranga; Manikyamba, PIJC-A Vol.45A(08) [August 2006]1844-1847
Non-linear Hammett's relationship in the oxidation of benzyl alcohols by quinoliniurn dichromate - A kinetic studyAruna, K; Manikyamba, P; Sundaram, E VIJC-A Vol.33A(09) [September 1994]854-856
Oxidation of diphenylamines by iodate - A kinetic studyBrahrnaiah, A; Manikyamba, PIJC-A Vol.30A(03) [March 1991]247-251
Ru(lll) catalysed oxidation of a-hydroxy acids by iodate- A kinetic studyBrahmaiah, A; Manikyamba, PIJC-A Vol.34A(11) [November 1995]900-903
Solvation models in the reaction between benzyl bromide and 2-mercapto benzimidazole—A kinetic studyKalyani, P; Manikyamba, PIJC-A Vol.43A(01) [January 2004]76-78
Solvation models in the reaction between benzyl bromide and diphenyl amineReddy, S Ranga; Manikyamba, PIJC-A Vol.43A(05) [May 2004]1092-1094
Solvation models in the reaction between benzyl bromide and s-triazole dictions of the reaction mechanisms have been obtained from such studies.Manikyamba, PIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]959-962
Solvent effects and solvation models in the allylation of 2-mercaptobenzimidazoleDevender, T; Bharathi, D Vijaya; Manikyamba, PIJCA Vol.47A(6) [June 2008]863-866
Solvent-solute interactions in the reaction between p-NOrbenzyl bromide and thiourea-A kinetic studyKalyani, P; Manikyamba, PIJC-A Vol.42A(01) [January 2003]75-78
Substituent effect in the oxidation of cinnamic acids by quinolinium dichromateAruna, K; Manikyamba, PIJC-A Vol.34A(10) [October 1995]822-825