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Admixed binders and lubricants in ceramic powder pressing-A study of zinc behenate additiveBalakrishna, Palanki; Murty, B Narasimha; Yadav, R B; Anuradha, M; Narayanan, P S A; Pramanik, R; Majumdar, SIJEMS Vol.05(3) [June 1998]136-139
Enzymatic upgradation of under-retted never-dried and dried jute fibresMajumdar, S; Dutta, A K; Dey, S; Ghosh, B LIJFTR Vol.21(4) [December 1996]265-269
Micro gripper for micromanipulation using IPMCs (ionic polymer metal composites)Jain, R K; Patkar, U S; Majumdar, SJSIR Vol.68(1) [January 2009]23-28
Microbial susceptibility of bleached and dyed jute fabrics and their protectionMajumdar, S; Chatterjee, S K; Dey, S; Ghosh, B LIJFTR Vol.19(4) [December 1994]269-276
Prediction of fibre quality from anatomical studies of jute stem: Part II— Prediction of strengthMajumdar, SIJFTR Vol.27(3) [September 2002]254-258
Prediction of fibre quality from anatomical studies of jute stem: Part I— Prediction of finenessMajumdar, SIJFTR Vol.27(3) [September 2002]248-253
Rapid Quantitative Measurement of Softness of Barky Root-ends of JuteKundu, A B; Majumdar, S; Ghosh, B S; Bhattacharya, J PIJFTR Vol.09(3) [September 1984]112-114
Role of Bacterial Growth and Their Extracellular Enzymes in Softening of Hard Root-cuttings of JuteMajumdar, S; Ghosh, B S; Kundu, A BIJFTR Vol.12(4) [December 1987]213-219
Rot- and mildew-proofing of jute fabric with quaternary ammonium compoundsMajumdar, S; Chatterjee, S; Dey, S; Ghosh, B LIJFTR Vol.18(1) [March 1993]48-50
Toluene Degradation in Biofilter - Sequencing the Nutrient AdditionHaridas, Ajit; Baby, A S; Majumdar, SJSIR Vol.62(03) [March 2003]193-197