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Environmentally benign synthesis of aromatic nitro compounds using silica supported inorganic nitratesBadgujar, D M; Talwar, M B; Asthana, S N; Mahulikar, P PJSIR Vol.66(3) [March 2007]250-251
Estimation of Rabeprazole Sodium in tablet dosage form by rapid isocratic reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography using volatile buffer additivesKulkarni, V L; Mahulikar, P PJSIR Vol.65(12) [December 2006]992-994
Microbial degradation of melanoidins in distillery spent wash by an indigenous isolateChavan, M N; Kulkarni, M V; Zope, V P; Mahulikar, P PIJBT Vol.5(3) [July 2006]416-421
Microwave Assisted One Pot Synthesis of N-Substituted Phenyl-4-Thiophenyl- 2-Azetidinones as Potent Antimicrobial Agents†#More, D H; Pawar, N S; Mahulikar, P PJSIR Vol.62(10) [October 2003]1024-1026
Microwave assisted one-pot synthesis of nitrogen and oxygen containing heterocycles from acyl Meldrum’s acidMore, D H; Mahulikar, P PIJC-B Vol.50B(05) [May 2011]745-747
Microwave assisted rapid and efficient synthesis of aryl methyl ketones and β-keto esters using Meldrum’s acidMore, D H; Mahulikar, P PIJC-B Vol.45B(03) [March 2006]823-825
Microwave assisted solvent-free o-alkylation and acylation of thymol and geraniol using fly ash as solid supportMore, D H; Hundiwale, D G; Kapadi, U R; Mahulikar, P PJSIR Vol.65(10) [October 2006]817-820
Novel synthesis of biologically active nitro heterocyclic compoundsBadgujar, D M; Talawar, M B; Asthana, S N; Mahulikar, P PJSIR Vol.67(1) [January 2008]54-57
Polyurethane coatings using trimer of isophorone diisocyanateGite, V V; Mahulikar, P P; Hundiwale, D G; Kapadi, U RJSIR Vol.63(04) [April 2004]348-354
Solid supported synthesis of 2-mercaptobenzimidazole derivatives using microwavesNarkhede, H P; More, U B; Dalal, D S; Mahulikar, P PJSIR Vol.67(5) [May 2008]374-376
Studies of antimicrobial activity of picryl amino pyridine N-oxidesBadgujar, D M; Talawar, M B; Asthana, S N; Mahulikar, P PIJC-B Vol.49B(12) December 2010]1675-1677
Synthesis and characterization of methyl nitramino -2, 4, 6-trinitrobenzenes using bismuth nitrate pentahydrate as an eco friendly nitrating agentBadgujar, D M; Talawar, M B; Asthana, S N; Mahulikar, P PJSIR Vol.69(03) [March 2010]208-210
Synthesis of azo compounds containing thymol moietyKoshti, S M; Sonar, J P; Sonawane, A E; Pawar, Y A; Nagle, P S; Mahulikar, P P; More, D HIJCB Vol.47B(2) [February 2008]329-331
Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activities of metal complexes of 2-formyl thymol oximeKuwar, A S; Shimpi, S R; Mahulikar, P P; Bendre, R SJSIR Vol.65(08) [August 2006]665-669