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Application of laser speckle technology in solar wafer roughness inspection systemLin, Chern-Sheng; Haun, Chian Min; Hsien, Fu Shu; Yeh, Mau-Shiun; Chao, Chi-Shih; Chen, RalphIJPAP Vol.49(08) [August 2011]523-530
Automatic calibration of a HUD with a mechanical and photonic integrated systemLin, Chern-Sheng; Lay, Yun-Long; Shei, Hung-Jung ,; Kuo, Shyang-Yinn; Hwang, Jiann-LihJSIR Vol.68(1) [January 2009]18-22
Automatic inspection device for HCV antibody rapid test strips for the production lineLin, Chern-Sheng; Ho, Chien-Wa; Wu, Chao-Ying; Miau, Luo-Hwa; Lin, LisaJSIR Vol.63(03) [March 2004]251-258
Automatic inspection system for measurement of lens field curvature by means of computer visionLin, Chern-Sheng; Wu, Jung-Ming; Ho, Chen-Wei; Lee, Chieh-Jen; Yeh, Mau-ShiunIJPAP Vol.47(10) [October 2009]708-714
Automatic optical inspection system for the coupling efficiency of optical fiber with a coupling efficiency contour mapLin, Chern-Sheng; Hsu, Yuen-Chang; Tien, Chuen-Lin; Chen, Shiaw-Wu; Chang, Nin-ChunIJPAP Vol.52(02) [February 2014]101-111
Automatic optical inspection system for the image quality of microlens arrayLin, Chern-Sheng; Ho, Chen-Wei; Yang, Shih-Wei; Chen, Der-Chin; Yeh, Mau-ShiunIJPAP Vol.48(09) [September 2010]635-643
Design and fabrication of aspherical microlenses used for a USB fiber-optic connectorTien, Chuen-Lin; Lin, Yan-Nan; Chen, Yu-Chung; Chen, Der-Chin; Sun, Wen-Shing; Lin, Chern-ShengIJPAP Vol.51(02) [February 2013]81-86
Development and applications of a fuzzy controller for a forced circulation solar water heater systemLin, Chern-Sheng; Lin, Mon-Lian; Liou, Shuo-Rong; Shei, Hung-Jung; Su, Wen-PinJSIR Vol.69(07) [July 2010]537-542
A fracture evaluating system using clustering theory with caustic image and sonograph processingLin, Chern-ShengIJPAP Vol.37(11) [November 1999]853-860
Improve energy distribution and beam quality of CO2 waveguide laser array by phase-matched plateHo, Chien-Wa; Chang, Ruey-Shyan; Lin, Chern-Sheng; Shaw, Sen-YenIJPAP Vol.44(06) [June 2006]431-434
Lens distortion correction by adjusting image of calibration targetLay, Yun-Long; Lin, Chern-ShengIJPAP Vol.40(11) [November 2002]770-774
Measurement of microstructure in micro electro mechanical systems using optical interferometric microscopeLin, Chern-Sheng; Fu, Shu-Hsien; Yeh, Mau-Shiun; Tsou, Chingfu; Lai, Teng-HsienIJPAP Vol.50(09) [September 2012]641-649
Optimization design of two-group night vision zoom lensesTien, Chuen-Lin; Huang, Chun-Hao; Lin, Tsai-Wei; Sun, Wen-Shing; Lin, Chern-ShengIJPAP Vol.49(12) [December 2011]809-815
Pilot-type scientific experimental device using optical method and computer vision technologyLin, Chern-ShengIJPAP Vol.40(11) [November 2002]816-827
The Preprocessing and Recognition Methods of an Integrated Automated Production Lot Number Inspection SystemLin, Chern-Sheng; Lay, Yun-Long; Huan, Chia-Chin; Chang, Hsing-Cheng; Hwang, Thong-ShingJSIR Vol.62(06) [June 2003]573-582
Quality improvement to the spinless coating process of touch panel with Taguchi methodsLin, Chern-Sheng; Kao, Te-Neng; Chang, Nin-Chun; Lin, Nan-Jou; Chen, Shiaw-WuIJEMS Vol.22(1) [February 2015]23-28