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Actuation studies on polyacrylic rubber based dielectric elastomer transducersGautam, S S; Das, Vishal; Toppo, S K; Singh, Abhishek; Kumar, V; Pandey, A KBVAAP Vol.26(1) [June 2018]43-46
Anxiolytic activity of Indian Hypericum perforatum Linn: An experimental studyKumar, V; Jaiswal, A K; Singh, P N; Bhattacharya, S KIJEB Vol.38(01) [January 2000]36-41
COSMIC Satellite observations on seasonal variation of pressure at cold point tropopause and its relation with tropical easterly jet over tropical regionKumar, V; Dhaka, S K; Jain, A; Chaudhary, A; Bhatnagar, R; Gupta, A; Panwar, V; Singh, N; Reddy, K KIJRSP Vol.42(5) [October 2013]292-297
Dielectric properties of different materialsKumar, V; Shrivastava, A K; Sinha, Anita; Jha, VijetaIJPAP Vol.51(01) [January 2013]49-54
Diurnal & Semidiurnal Drifts in the E Region over a Low Latitude StationJanve, A V; Kumar, V; Sharma, R V; Rai, R KIJRSP Vol.06(2) [June 1977]128-131
Effect of salinity and use of stress indices of morphological and physiological traits at the seedling stage in riceKrishnamurthy, SL; Sharma, PC; Sharma, SK; Batra, V; Kumar, V; Rao, LVSIJEB Vol.54(12) [December 2016]843-850
Elastic properties of elemental, binary and ternary semiconductor materialsKumar, V; Singh, J K; Prasad, G MIJPAP Vol.53(07) [July 2015]429-435
HBx protein modulates PI3K/Akt pathway to overcome genotoxic stress-induced destabilization of cyclin D1 and arrest of cell cycleMukherji, A; Janbandhu, V C; Kumar, VIJBB Vol.46(1) [February 2009]37-44
In-vitro antioxidant activity of hot aqueous extract of Helicteres isora Linn. fruitsBasniwal, P K; Suthar, M; Rathore, G S; Gupta, R; Kumar, V; Pareek, A; Jain, DNPR Vol.8(5) [September-October 2009]483-487
Immobilization of porcine pancreas lipase onto free and affixed arylamine glass beads and its application in removal of oil stainsSharma, M; Kumar, V; Pundir, C SIJBT Vol.7(3) [July 2008]328-332
Impact of tropospheric ozone on crop growth and productivity – a reviewBhatia, A; Tomer, R; Kumar, V; Singh, S D; Pathak, HJSIR Vol.71(02) [February 2012]97-112
Investigation of defect production in iron on gamma irradiation using the positron Doppler broadening techniqueKumar, V; Tundwal, Ambika; Vijay, Y K; Palsania, H SIJPAP Vol.54(01) [January 2016]51-55
Long term variability in temperature in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere over Indian and Indonesian region using Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) observationsGupta, A; Kumar, V; Panwar, V; Bhatnagar, R; Dhaka, S KIJRSP Vol.42(5) [October 2013]298-308
Model for calculating the refractive index of different materialsKumar, V; Singh, J KIJPAP Vol.48(08) [August 2010]571-574
Nature of Highly Random and Anisotropic Ionospheric Irregularities at Low LatitudesJanve, A V; Kumar, V; Rai, R KIJRSP Vol.07(3) [June 1978]152-153
Optimization of COD Removal by Advanced Oxidation Process through Response Surface Methodology from Pulp & Paper Industry WastewaterKumar, V; Suraj, P; Ghosh, PJSIR Vol.78(06) [June 2019]386-390
Optimization of Simple Sugars and Process pH for Effective Biohydrogen Production Using Enterobacter Aerogens: An Experimental StudyKumar, V; Kothari, R; Pathak, V V; Tyagi, S KJSIR Vol.75(10) [October 2016]626-631
Propoxur-induced acetylcholine esterase inhibition and impairment of cognitive function: Attenuation by Withania somniferaYadav, C S; Kumar, V; Suke, S G; Ahmed, R S; Mediratta, P K; Banerjee, B DIJBB Vol.47(2) [April 2010]117-120
Quality control measure of Jeeva Rasa Avaleha: a male sexual stimulantKumar, V; Yadav, K D; Singh, T D; Chaudhary, A KIJTK Vol.20(1) [January 2021]21-25
Real-Time Recognition of Malignant Skin Lesions using Ensemble ModelingKumar, V; Choudhury, TJSIR Vol.78(03) [March 2019]148-153